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    Simpsons: For Kids or Adults?

    It was a GEN X show for a GEN X audience, mostly. I think they didn't care about making it a kids show in the earlier years, there was probably some pressure from FOX but FOX being FOX they had a lot of freedoms. I don't think anyone anticipated the Bart mania. It had to have influenced the...
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    Rate & Review: "The Longest Marge" (UABF05)

    Marge is playing a concession/cigarette girl and since it's such an old concept they gave Milhouse a 1920s voice. It's a weird bit
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    Rate & Review: "The Longest Marge" (UABF05)

    Well.. This was an interesting episode, First, Burns sounded worse here, I noticed it in an earlier episode, Portrait of a Lackey on Fire, where I thought both him and Smithers sounded different. I didn't love Grayson, I thought Beck did a good job voicing him but I thought he could have fit...
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    Rate & Review: "A Made Maggie" (UABF03)

    Well, that was rather boring. I felt a little conflicted when the plot started to move towards baptism. I couldn't help but remember "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily", if only for a few moments, I moved on quickly. There's nothing horrible wrong with this episode... it was just so boring to...
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    Comic scripts that originally were for TV?

    I stopped reading comics after the late 20s.. there's some good stories in the early ones, some that I've not seen reproduced on tv. I think they would work. There's also some weird Biff Westwood thing.... I don't think that ever crossed over.
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    Comic scripts that originally were for TV?

    In Simpsons Comics #27, released in 1996, there is a story called "They fixed homer's brain" where homer undergoes a medical experiment and suddenly becomes smart. That is very similar to HOMR which aired in 2001.
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    Rate & Review: "Mothers and Other Strangers" (UABF02)

    Well.. It does kinda ruin everything that happened in Mother Simpson. There's a lot to nitpick about what this episode does to the canon. I think most fans don't need every instance of it pointed out. It bothers me that Clancy is thin and already a cop. This is just a weird episode in...
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    The artificial intelligence could bring back retired characters

    Yeah as others have pointed out that's not why they retired the characters, they retired them out of respect. If they wanted to replace the voice actor they would have done that already.
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    Preview / speculation about the upcoming episodes of The Simpsons.

    There's a teaser on twitter and it shows a young Clancy Wiggum "discovering" donuts.. I don't know how this will affect the canon.. I do care about it. he was already fat before he became a cop.
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    Rate & Review: "Portrait of a Lackey on Fire" (UABF01)

    They're lengthy for sure but I think they are easier to read than reviews on most review sites where they just seem to do a play-by-play and then maybe add an opinion or two. I've seen the episode, I know what happened, just give me your point of view.
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    Rate & Review: "Portrait of a Lackey on Fire" (UABF01)

    A Serious Flanders is a tough act to follow, It probably affected my rating for this episode. I thought this episode was pretty boring. I thought Burns' characterisation was weird. Is it just me or did both Smither's and Burns' voice sound different? I'm tired of seeing episodes where...
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    Worst non-clipshow of season 6?

    This is really tough. A Star is Burns is a good candidate because of its crossover nature. Matt Groening didn't like it. I can understand why. Fear of Flying, I would have to re-watch it but in my memory not a whole lot happens.. They're all episodes I have good memories of it's really...
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    Do you count clip shows when talking about the worst episode of their respective season?

    I don't think it's fair to compare a clip show to another non-clip show episode to pick the worst episode of a season. It's too easy to pick a clip show. I don't hate the clip shows, I think they did some really interesting things setting up the clips. I tried to challenge myself to pick what...
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    Rate & Review: "A Serious Flanders" (QABF21 & QABF22)

    Yeah, that's my issue with the ending of the 2nd part.. It did feel like they were following the source material a little too much.. It was interesting but in the end, the perfect life that hides a dark truth took me out of the simpsons universe a little. It all felt a little by the numbers...
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    Rate & Review: "A Serious Flanders" (QABF21 & QABF22)

    It's still not rape. She didn't rape him, she's not the one who kidnapped Homer, she wasn't in cahoots with the kidnappers. She's a woman with a sex drive with an interest in Ned.. If you think this is rape then no amount of backstory on your life will change my mind. It's not rape. My...