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  • i dunno. a lot of various stuff got deleted from my inbox in my email and i didn't do it...
    Bwah, I don't like to have people on it without reason.
    You know, I once deleted them all.
    That's when you were so confused about that friend-request I did, remember.
    Na das kenn ich. Ich musste früher (späte VHS-Ära) immer nach Holland fahren, um Filme im OT zu bekommen. den Avatar-Typen kenn ich wohl doch nicht.
    Das kann man nicht übersetzten. Sowatt gibts halt. Bist du wirklich erst 16? Ich glaub nicht, dass ich in deinem Alter so gut Englisch konnte. Ach ja und wer ist der Typ, der dein Avatar ist? kommt mir so bekannt vor.
    Habt ihr ein Glück! Das ist wohl der Vorteil in einem mehrsprachigen Land zu leben. Warum zum Geier wird das hier nieeeeemals gemacht???
    Wo haste eigentlich das "You are Brian Griffin" Bild her? Der bin ich nämlich auch. Kein Wort beschreibt mich so gut, wie douchebag.
    Vielleicht auf keinehomer.de ... zeigt man euch in der schweiz eigentlich auch nur die synchronisierte fassung? das kotzt mich dermaßen an, dass man hier nix im originalton im tv sieht!
    Still, you gained points for restoring your old avatar.
    You'll see an interesting parallel between the moment you changed your avatar again and the appearances you made in my way too complex stories which no one cares for anymore.
    I wish you were more heartless again.
    In the beginning, you were my favorite jerk.
    Now you're just my favorite Swiss guy.
    you, i can tell if you're joking, but doom i don't know half the time. i'm not mad at you, i'm mad at him mostly
    i'm gonna tell you since i have more respect for you, but please stop talking shit about me with doom
    Ha, some of his insults just sounded like something from a primary schoolyard

    "I know I'm smarter than you!"
    "Yeah well your just mad 'cuz you know I'm right!"

    I also love how he missed the obvious insult from Toy Story
    Exactly, and he says he got that from just being a guy who likes to add on to discussions despite the fact his first few months actually DID have alot of +1 posting
    Well by this point everything he does will receive backlash from the NHC community so after a while maybe he'll finally learn to get his shit together and stop acting like he's an elite member over everyone else
    Ofcourse he'll be back, but for now, I'm just happy I got through to him, even though the message I left which made him quit for good wasn't anything he hadn't heard before
    Well it certainly wasn't easy and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't faced with certain annoyances

    But see, the trick was to remain relatively passive until a moment like that appeared, then let loose with all you've got


    This picture taken in 1905 featuring you in the background made up for the final proof.

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