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    No problem man. I love the user title, by the way. Very classy. lol
    What are you gonna see in the cinema?
    I've just been getting ready for uni and hanging out with friends. :)
    Oh god, thats months away. I hope i dont forget about the movie by then. It happens alot with me and then i refind it like a year later.
    LOL That is the most exciting thing I do most days anyway. I stay up a lot. Almost everyday. Probably not good for me, but it's all I have. Haha
    Nit's not going to be "pant wettingly" exciting unfortunately.

    I originally read that as "panty wetting." My friday night is never that exciting. LOL
    Yeah im waiting a good torrent aswell, never bothered to get those crappy cam ones. How long does it usually take though? Its been almost a month since the release.
    Yeah thats true. I just thought Essomms looked cooler. I liked the double s's and m's.

    I knew you'd point that out too. Just didnt feel like pointing it out in my previous post haha
    hahaha Yeah i remember you always had that sort of relationship with her, saying shitty things about Jesse. Its cute though, . lol
    Nope, ive downloaded it though, but never got to watching it. Also have you see Pacific Rim already? Its seemed interesting but theres only cam recorded torrents up currently, so i havent seen it myself.
    I forgive you. But ive started to like Jesse alot and im afraid thats irreversible by now.

    Last one i watched was Oblivion, which was quite decent. And Anchorman 2 is coming soon. Yay!!!
    Nahh, it's not obvious.

    My name before this was "Knifey_Spoony." Which is a reference to a joke in the simpsons. Swoony is kinda a mixture/short version of those two names (found it easier to type mostly). A friend on here (Maniacalrobokiller) started calling me that because it was easier when mentioning me and in relating to swooning (which is me swooning over certain guys haha). It kinda has a double meaning. I just ended up changing it to that because I wanted something different. Don't think i'll go back to "knifey_spoony" now.

    On an related note, my original name on here was "Essomms." Which is just "Ms. moose" (something that nicknamed me on fff) with it's letters mixed around. I thought it was kinda cool. Haha
    I actually wore a cardigan a month ago, but fortunately it was black. Still, i felt bad doing it, thats what we were fighting against after all. That happens when you leave me alone with that rbf for a year. :P
    Oh hell, season 3 already, i gotta get downloading then, im way behind. lol
    Oh god man, those were the times :P Every time i see cardigans it reminds me of all that fun we had.
    Same here, im watching Under the Dome aswell. Its really interesting to see what the hell it is and whats coming next, kinda addictive. haha And which season is that for Falling Skies currently? I defiently watched the first one and really liked it, now sort of forgotten about it.
    Honestly i would have left the forums ages ago if it wasnt for the couple of friends ive made. lol
    You been watching anything new and good besides misfits and breaking bad? Ive been rewatching skins(uk) again, its soo boring here, absolutely noting else to do. haha I remembered i loved this show when i was couple of years younger.
    Oh man yeah this is wayy more active than fff. And thats good to hear that things are getting sorted for you :)
    I dunno, i never really were an active member on any forum. Im mostly only around so i could talk to a few friends, thats all.
    Yeah it's me. I dont really post much anymore, just looking around the breaking bad thread mostly on both here and fff. lol
    So you plan on staying around ? rbf is pretty active here.
    Yeah but there's still smilies.

    On forum posts if you write :lol: you get a lol smiley guy which is basically the same thing.

    Yeah I like this forum a lot. You can thumbup posts too.
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