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  • I agree. That confession thing was one of my favourite things of the series. So briliant.

    In my mind heisenberg is far smarter than hank, so I agree. It's weird how walt would be tricked so easily.

    Yeah same. I really hope hank or gomie are dead by next episode though. *crosses fingers*

    And yeah. i wouldn't like walt if he were a heartless bastard (which some people are saying he is). But he honestly isn't. He has reason behind his actions even if some of them are a little crazy. And he wants to be a good guy now. He's trying to stop his heisenberg ways. They're making him fairly likeable this season anyway.

    And he was actually against killing hank and jesse (until he was threatened by him) because he considers them family. I don't think thats very evil.
    I'm with you. More onwalt's side than anyone's at this point. I feel like the minority here.

    But on the other hand I still see where jesse's coming from and feel terrible for him. Don't like that he ratted though. And I hate how hank is using him completely and doesn't care for his well being as long as he gets Walt. I want jesse to escape from hank and find out that he's using him too. Hank isn't really helping jesse at all imo.

    And if jesse's gonna die I think it should be walt that puts the bullet in his head. Nobody else.

    I agree with you about the ending too. Hank is just an asshole now amd so is marie. Wouldn't really careif wither of them died at this point. Always loved saul. Not a big fan of walt's family anymore, but it keeps him happy and if they were to go he'd be devestated.

    This is bb so it's more than likely that nobody will geta happy ending regardless of how much we want one. Haha
    Yeah i liked it too. I think it was way too underrated. But like you said it wasnt special, just a good watch. At the same time there are some really pointless movies being praised and highly overrated.
    Yeah but she lives in the english part i think. And i cant believe BB is over soon, only 4 more eps. FUCK.
    Also, you ever seen Pandorum?
    You could probably become a lipz member if you wanted. Some male members have abused the rank. Dobbie is a guy yet he is part of the pink lipz group.

    And I fucking love your usernote:

    "Bit skanky, bit slutty, bad taste in men, bad taste in clothing and a complete and utter bastard. But apart from that, yeah she's a'ight. x"

    The pink name is a user group for the female members here. I use it because I like being a different colour than the bland grey username everyone has and not because of some female superiority complex lol

    I guess I was spoiled at the fff with the various coloured usernames.
    My fucking profile doesnt notify me half thw time when i get vm's. i'm sorry!
    Oh man i dont even remember at the moment. I think i wanted to post something to RBF, but instead got it on your page for some weird way lol
    So how was the movie? Better/worse than expected...?

    I start uni this September, am gonna move away from home and study whoopee :D
    Im up every night untill 4 or 5am so its no big deal. lol Probably wont sleep at all this night since BB will end around 5am and after that theres this special Talking Bad with quests from bb, this time should be Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn as i read. After that ill spend an hour or so here in BB thread. LOL so its already morning. I know its probably really bad for my health, but meh. haha
    yeah :P Im watching from amc live stream so i can be right up to date, although it's around 4am for me LOL . I also torrent it later for better quality and rewatch and whatnot. But live stream quality is watchable too. You wait for torrents or watch from tv?
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