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  • That's really nice to hear. I know all too well what it's like to have a rough start here. Let's just say, you were a lot smarter at 11 years old than I was. I didn't really intend to stop posting here - it just sort of happened. It's the in-depth Simpsons discussion that keeps me coming back. I don't really have much to add, so I just enjoy reading it.
    I don't really know what visitor messages are for, but thanks for the happy birthday five years ago that I'm just noticing now.
    I've been fine, though quite busy since I drifted away from the site, what with college and all. I decided to rewatch the entire series on Disney+, or in the case of many later seasons, watch them for the first time. Currently up to season 14. Rewatching the show made me think of NHC so I wanted to see what it was like now. It's a shame many of the more memorable characters on the board don't appear to be here anymore.
    Hey Panther, how have you been? I've been lurking around here again for a couple of weeks and haven't seen many familiar usernames online besides yours.
    Yeah, that's pretty much it. We'll see if the show gets more interesting now that they are going to do some changes...I've recenlty got Disney Plus and I watched some of the best reviewed episodes in the last Simpsons but I'm not very interested in watching the complete seasons.
    I was just bored out of mind during my last days of school so i had my fun trolling here. I´m above that now though as a mature and adult man so now i will always post seriously. :)
    Let's go Cards! We're sending Acuna home where he can strut his shit at home by watching us in the NLCS. Bring on the Nationals!
    I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Other than watching the A's of the late 80s I have always been a Card's fan. However, nothing was better than an earthquake and sweeping the damn Giants in four.

    The first time I watched the Cards was versus the Twins in the World Series. I'm huge Ozzie Smith fan the man was a human highlight film. But it was hard being a fan at times when they stunk and hearing it from classmates. But I stuck with them since 1987. Worse was having to deal with Giant fans when they were winning. I never saw this many fans of the Giants and Warriors 10-20 years ago.

    I can tell one thing though, we have the greatest fans. When Randy Johnson, who went to a rival high school, won his 300th game, our fans in St. Louis gave him a standing ovation. That is classy.
    I think people want me to dude, pretty sure people do things like that on purpose then manipulate it to make you feel like it's all your fault.

    I noticed the people clicking like on his posts are the ones who pop up & love it when they see something like that to someone who isn't argumentative here.

    I enjoy being here & love interacting with you guys but if there's people trying to push me away or attack me it's not what I'm here for & that was a blatant attack cause it came out of nowhere, I didn't even realise until a couple of messages it was an argument of some sort, it really baffled me & I was like "Eh".

    I just felt attacked but these people will never take responsibility, it's not what they're here for (just watch his response, he'll blame me again) & the irony of all the things he called & threw at me when that's so not me, as you know.

    Much love dude anyway & thank you so much for the kind message!! Sincerely grateful, you're a wonderful person!!

    Thank you!! :)
    Oh okay, that makes more sense. My post on ResetEra was so random and on a whim, I was starting to wonder if someone on here was watching my activities, lol.
    If I ever want to randomly scratch that review-writing itch again, I can post it in both places.
    Where did you hear that? I posted one review of the most recent Treehouse of Horror episode but that was the only one. I don't have as much time to write reviews on new episodes because of time and energy devoted to the YouTube channel.
    Avatar for you, you don't have to use it if you don't want but it's there for you anyway if you would like :)

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