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  • that "bands you're embarrassed about..." thread is like the most depressing thread ever. full of people pulling the "this band is good" "no they're bad" shit you hate so much, too

    kinda backfired eh
    i do have a website, but it has been "under construction" since i got it in July... i did change the "coming up soon" image a couple of time, though. pictures of works and sketchbooks are uploaded in facebook. well, i'll PM you the links? :)
    yup, i am currently doing my final semester in BFA course .. majoring in Painting. although in practice i do sequential drawings more than paintings. we've complimentary classes that allow us to do other stuff like life drawing, video, photography, performance, etc; and i've been in the graphic novel class for one and a half yr. :) so you are a cartoonist. what kind of cartoon did you draw? what medium? four-panel strip? do you have a website or a blog or a myspace or anything? is there any way to view your work? (ok i sound a little too curious, hahaha :D)
    I was so excited to read your reply that I spilled my Indian curry takeout meal on my tablet! yeah I saw that Tomine too! :D do you draw comics? (or rather, comix)
    sup eddie. shit. sodriunlkk. yeah im a pretty innocuous BOARDER but i can't but help love your love of LOST. i still haven't finished S4 but shiat i am excited. fyi for no reason my ringtone is jack screaming WE HAVE TO GO BACK. always surprises. yeah anyway. rare drank got DRUNK. enjoy xmas. ps have a classic english SORRY for tarnishing your visitor message board ting. as for advice: get $$$$
    i only just noticed you gave me that visitor message! yeah, joe matt's great. lately i've been checking out some chris ware and i got this nice little collection of adrian tomine's early optic nerve comics.

    also, nice c/t
    i do believe that eddie could turn a discussion about a drawer of socks and make it substantially interesting.

    that's talent.
    holy shit i just saw a lost season 5 promo music video featuring the fray. even more stoked
    did your c/t used to be "i am bike cheese"?

    because i'm listening to the absurd nightclub comedy of eugene mirman right now and i get it for the first time.
    Well this band I really dig is on tour. At first I was going to go to Minneapolis. Then I saw that they were in Ames and thought "Eddie!". Now it turns out they are playing in Cedar Falls also.

    This just means I will make a special trip to Ames to see you. And convince/force you to attend the wedding. What weekends are good for you?!
    "Is that it? Do I need a shot?"

    "No shot, dog bite."

    "No but do I NEED a shot?"

    "No SHOT, DOGBITE. Bang bang, not woof woof."
    jeffery brown is from michigan, very nice. we don't produce many good people anymore.
    waait your avatar... who's the artist? i remember he drew something i liked in a compilation and talked about andrew bird in it
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