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  • Well dylan, it's about half past 2 am here so I'm going down for the night
    Nope, but that's actually sounded fun, I'd like to try it someday. We did go on that one tower in the city that goes really far up and basiccally overlooks all of Sydney. I forgot the tower's name but the view was incredible
    Yeah, there's certainly lots to do. Our hotel was right next to China Town which was a pretty neat place to look around. We also did alot of tourist stuff, saw the Opera House, ride the monorail around the city etc. I could've just looked around for days
    Well, my father's side of the family lives in Melbourne so I usually visit every 2 years

    I was actually in Sydney near the end of June, 2008. It's awesome but I'd really like to go there during the Summer some day
    Yeah, I may make a thread tomorrow. I'm not as well known as Burnin' or Jordan, but part of me wants to make one
    Yeah, the movie was forgettable, it's pretty weird at how much can change over 3 years

    So how're things down under? I'm actually heading back down this December
    Oh, so they finally cracked down on Downs? That's awesome, me and Granto have been fighting that for a while
    It's actually funny because I remember joining for the sole purpose of talking about The Simpsons Movie
    Yeah, I went through a Joe Miller phase during my first couple of months, it's hard to think about my posts in 2007 because they were so damn awful. I like to think I improved when I came back after my 9 month absence.
    But then again, I think Pepper only joined a few months before we did and she has way more, so maybe it depends on the areas you mostly post in
    yeah, it's a little saddening since it was a pretty fun job, but it's not too depressing atleast. There's a crapload of stores that are hiring near my area so I'll just move on I guess

    And I can relate, been off school for summer break since beginning of June and on the days I haven't worked I've been stuck in the house getting cabin fever. I can't wait 'til I can get a car and actually go places
    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or Volume 4 for the Ozzy-era. Heaven & Hell for the Dio era. Although all three albums they did with Dio under the Sabbath name are dynamite. I'm a big fan of the album Dehumanizer. As you can no doubt tell by my username, haha.
    Oh yeah, gotcha. Yeah, Gillan refused to wear black like Iommi and Geezer. Just a simple example of how he did not fit in with them. But do you like Born Again?
    No, he was not comfortable in the band. Which is actually a well documented fact. Overall, he really only joined up with Iommi and the gang as something big to do before the Purple reunion took place. That was about it really. There was ever no plans to do a second album together or anything more than a tour with two legs and Born Again.

    I would not say it was embarrassing though. I love Born Again, it is a great album that is just a much of a classic than any of the albums they did with Ozzy or Dio (R.I.P.)
    Although Morse definitely cannot hold a candle to Blackmore. It does seem like Gillan struggles a lot nowadays though. As much as I'm a fan of Purple, they should probably just retire really.

    Speaking of Gillan, what do you think about his tenure in Black Sabbath? If you are a fan of Sabbath...
    Did they play The Battle Rages On? That is one of my favorite Purple tracks. Although the album itself sort of sucks.

    Yeah, Empire is my favorite as well. Although I would rank Sith above the other two for the new trilogy. Hope is probably my second favorite overall.
    Oh wow. What year did you see them in?

    By the way, I really like your Obi-Wan picture here on your profile, haha. Favorite Star Wars out of the six?
    Yes, it is very limited nowadays. Have you ever seen Purple live? I have not.

    I play guitar. Although off and on for four years. Right now all I have is an acoustic guitar, but I really want another electric.
    Yeah, that is crazy. Lady Double Dealer is probably my second favorite track off that album, with the title-track being the first. What would have been awesome is when the original line-up reunited in 1984, if sometime during the reunion, they played Stormbringer live. Be interesting to hear Gillan's take on that song.
    Yes, the original line-up is my favorite as well. Favorite album is between Machine Head, Perfect Strangers or Stormbringer.

    Stormbringer is a totally forgotten album. Have you heard that album or even the title-track?
    Yeah a job at the cinema was always my goal but it took almost a year until I was able to get in. If you check with them frequently enough they're bound to have open spots available eventually. I hated the pharmacy though. It was hours and hours of stocking the shelves and "are you finding everything alright" stuff. Never worked at a restaurant. How's McDonalds?
    It is nice. I enjoy working in a personal booth and it's interesting to see what kinds of people pay to see what. If there's one flaw it's the hours but it's Summer break so it's not like I have school shit to work my schedule around. I worked at a pharmacy a couple months back before it closed but this job's way better
    Haha, I wish there that many people around who needed the assistance, I'd be set. 'Til then I'll have to keep my job selling tickets at the cinema.....
    It gets aggravating but it's nothing new to me. I'm kind of the only one in my family who can build stuff like this so I get dumped with this shit often. But hey, I'm getting paid $40 so I guess it could be worse
    Yep, glad school's out for me. I don't know how much longer I could've lasted considering I'd nod off in the middle of class.
    Sucks though brcause it's 2 in the morning here and I've been working at this since 11 pm :(
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