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February 9
Favorite TV Show(s)
Seinfeld, Girls, The Simpsons (Seasons 2-5), Breaking Bad, Letterman, Arrested Development
Favorite Movie(s)
Lost in Translation, The Horses' Mouth, Raise the Red Lantern, Rio Bravo, Red River, Annie Hall, Badlands, Pulp Fiction, The Searchers, Nashville, Gosford Park, Days of Heaven, His Girl Friday, Jackie Brown, Blue Valentine
Favorite Musical Artist / Band(s)
Jazz, Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Rock, Esoteric Hard Rock, Funk, Outlaw Country, Dylan, Rock 'n' Roll, Country Blues
Favorite Book(s)
Delillo, Fitzgerald, Chandler, O'Connor, Pynchon, Nabokov (poetry), Phillip K. Dick, Kafka, Edward St. Aubyn, Steinbeck, Daleny, David Guterson, Kawabata, Hamsun