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    Most OVERRATED Rock Band?

    i'm a huge doors fan and will gladly lap up anything released through bright midnight archives as long as they continue to squeeze that catalogue dry
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    nhc music Canon: top 100

    compiling a list of my 'favourite music' gets harder for me as time goes on, especially as i listen to fewer and fewer proper albums. beyond the top ten, ranking my picks would be completely arbitrary, so i just put #11-50 in alphabetical order. there's also a lot of comps, so like i said last...
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    music box sets

    i don't think these matter to a single person i know in real life, but they've always been, and continue to be, extremely important to me. i'm defining 'box set' here as a collection with four or more 'discs', be they physical or digital. i'm not interested in those that simply contain various...
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    top 5 dylan songs

    just like a woman mississippi (tell tale signs) most of the time (tell tale signs) one of us must know (sooner or later) po' boy
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    thanks, my good man

    thanks, my good man
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    Favourite Double-Albums

    blonde on blonde and the beatles are my two favourite albums. some others i like: - miles davis' early '70s run (esp. live-evil) - ella fitzgerald's late '50s songbooks (esp. cole porter) - minutemen - double nickels on the dime (1984) - prince - 1999 (1982) + sign o the times (1987) - the...
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    hey man

    hey man
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    does anyone wear watches anymore

    if i leave the house without my watch my day is straight-up ruined.
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    General DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS/etc Discussion Thread

    wow, it seemed like nothing was going to top indicator's boetticher and fuller box sets in 2018. sold off my bergman stuff last year in preparation for something like this, but i never imagined something so extensive. this has to be one of the greatest all-time releases.
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    great tv show soundtracks

    my top two would have to be twin peaks and boardwalk empire. edit: treme has a lot of great music as well.
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    algae. obviously plankton.

    algae. obviously plankton.
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    do you have pets

    my brown tabby annie. she sits like a human.
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