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  • i guess it's actually the first two madonna records that i enjoy in full. after that though i'm out, with two excepts. the tune 'Causing A Commotion' from the Who's That Girl soundtrack (which i later discovered was majorly copied in a rare tune by Tatjana that i came across). and the other is the underrated gem 'Spotlight'. very similar sounding to 'Holiday' since the members of Pure Energy wrote both songs. it came out years later on some japanese remix album that they like to do called You Can Dance, has a great dub version of 'Holiday' as well. also the best 'Holiday' rip-off is Bernadette's 'Midnight Lover' if you haven't heard it. complete copy in boogie form, haha.
    yeah, i luv season 2. the jet set was great. so many great plotlines. and a great ending.

    i also really love season 1, which doesn't seem to get talked about ebough.
    hey man, dylan's recording a new album! it's been confirmed! sadly more covers though... no info on what kind of covers though it's heavily rumoured to be old gospel songs.
    yeah know what you mean but i find that as i add more and tinker with it a while that it feels representative more of my personal likes than the true merits of the films themselves even if it can be exasperating to separate the 2
    haha jesus, figures the day you ask is the day they're forced to shutdown after all those months. not to worry though, new site here. working great.
    this is an absolute beauty site for nba. no pop-ups or multiple links. just click on the game you want, choose which feed and quality you prefer.
    haha, i'm sure it can handle it. what sport/game are you looking for?
    haha. oh yeah, the black exorcist. great soundtrack, same main guy from 'Blacula' and main woman from 'Savage!' you're gonna be watching a crappy bootleg copy, since it never made it's way to home video, and never will. pretty sure it didn't go far in the theaters either, before getting yanked by warner brothers threatening to sue. i think it's great, but the print makes it look cheap. one of my favourite directors, died in 1978. he also did 'Sheba, Baby' and 'Three On A Meathook'. remember i showed you this picture of him a while ago, haha:
    and yeah, that BoTT is a disappointment. i'll probably pick it up eventually for its audio quality as it truly is one of my favourite albums ever, but i'll stick with the original release run for now.

    QUESTION: have you ever read chronicles (vol. 1)?
    yeah, i worded that wrong. i totally didn't mean you don't savour those things. i just mean, when i want to watch a film/tv show, i have to be in a certain frame of mind for the most part and i don't like that. it limits my exploration of film and tv. whereas music is much more of an "anytime" thing. i get what you mean about over-the-top acting. it definitely had its time and place. i think a lot of films wouldn't be what they are without that style. it adds a certain flavour to it. you can see why it gets a humorous result though. what kind of things does something like cult cinema entail? what kind of things do you explore compared to other film? also i don't know where in the world you live but the college to bachelors thing seems like canada/uk and well, that's amazing to me that you'll be getting a masters degree. what a feat!
    it's funny that you mentioned you're gonna see 'blood feast' in class, since when i talked about it on this board, i said it's the kind of film everyone would make fun of in film class and piss me off, haha. link.

    and yeah 'the house by the cemetery' is good, not great. surprised by that pick. other stuff the guy did like 'the new york ripper' or 'zombi flesh eaters' is far superior to me. also what was that blaxploitation film called if you could look it up, very curious.
    i didn't know you did film classes, or maybe i had read you did them and it went to the back of my head. i seem to remember you saying that you watched the shower scene of psycho and there were people laughing which annoyed you, haha. was that you? but yeah, that's really cool. i wish i could have that attitude toward film and tv whereas to just put them on as if a record, but i sort of take my time with tv and film, i like to savour it more or be in a specific mood for it.
    i'll probably get round to getting stereo mixes of dylans albums eventually... or at least bringing it all back home onwards. i've heard his folk era sounds a bit silly on stereo, with the guitar and vocals in one end and the harmonica on its own on the other.

    i completely get the notion of wanting to preserve physical media. i love that idea. it might sound silly but i love the fact that something is mine and if the world stopped working tomorrow, and i was the last person alive, that copy would still exist because of me. really adds a certain historical value to every release.
    oh no, i do mean blood on the tracks, but i am on about that original master recording label stuck across the top. however the blonde on blonde one isn't quite as bad as the blood on the tracks one in my opinion because the BoB one at least blends in a touch. look at this disgrace. also yeah, i heard that their releases of albums are excellent. but i'd be lying if i said it wasn't the banner alone that is putting me off. the blonde on blonde release i now own is a legacy vinyl 2015 reissue. this is the one my friend picked up for me for christmas, so i'm assuming this was the cheapest or most available for him, yet it sounds pretty great to my ears.
    and yeah, i think music can be quite hard as a gift sometimes. i find its because only the person themselves know what and where to find an exact release they are looking for, not to mention the prices they can reach.
    i've never been much of a collector of dvds/blurays etc. mostly because i find there to be just way too much. i find it slightly overwhelming. i'm not sure why i consider music to be different, i just love the idea of records. i love their size, their art, their manual nature. maybe i find that music gives me more value because i listen to records dozens and dozens of times each, where maybe a tv box-set, i will go through a couple times or whatever. but yeah, i do mostly go for the digital side of things with regards to film and tv unless i desperately want a physical copy.
    ah yes, so I did, haha! and yeah i'm really pleased with all my recent stuff. really been enjoying it all.
    all my dylan records are reissues simply because of cost however i'm definitely going for an original release blood on the tracks when i get round to that album (picking them up chronologically!) mostly because the reissue of that album has a large (imo) ugly banner that really ruins the atmosphere of the cover art. also if i'm not mistaken, it features some liner notes that the reissue does not? and i also pretty much only collect mono release where i can. i've never been a fan of stereo releases, unless they are widely regarded as the superior mix, or where they are the "official" mix, ie , i would get a stereo version over a folded down mono version.
    haha have i mentioned that i got some for christmas? or are you assuming? but yes i did get some!
    i got quite a few dylan records (the electric trilogy + nashville) off my friends which sets me at 9 studio albums of his. so i'm like 1/4 way done!
    i also got talking head's speaking in tongues from a family member (this was a surprise) and as a christmas present to myself picked up some bands bandcamp limited vinyl release. they were on the vinyl subreddit with an album that took them like 10 years to make. normally these posts are pretty throwaway but i was blown away by how well crafted it was so i wanted to support them more than anything else. if you wanna check it out:

    how about you man?
    but what i will say is thank you for that link! i've been on it a couple times since but not properly. i'm going to dig into it more now that i can. also as for bootlegs, i've definitely become more of a fan of them recently. i still feel a bit iffy on them for whatever reasons but i do enjoy the historical factor, definitely, which outweighs whatever feelings i have towards them.

    i'm looking forward to your thoughts on the bootleg series though! a couple of my friends are getting me dylan records this christmas which i think is awesome. can't wait for that.
    wow, i've had major PC problems recently and have basically just not been on this site. i've been popping on on the mobile version occasionally but it's made me not really be able to actually do anything so yeah super sorry for this late LATE reply. but yes! my pc is all fine and dandy now.
    the most annoying thing is that i had a HUGE vm (that would have had to have been subsequently split up into several vms) typed out to you in response to the bootleg stuff you spoke to me about a few weeks ago, and that was literally the last thing i was typing out before my computer crashed and losing that really annoyed me. i basically can't remember my stream of thoughts from that moment now, haha. so apologies there...
    never. just been watching it a lot.

    haha, still the greatest line of the series.
    haha, forgot about that texas chainsaw menu. haha, yeah why do those jackasses watermark them. it's like someone watermarking a simpsons gif.
    i know the feeling! and yeah soulseek is weird. i kinda found it through trial and error from weird search phrases and going into a lot of tabs and stuff. i got there in the end though. i probably will never use it ever again though, haha. people say there are a ton of great dylan bootlegs on there but i don't know how on earth i'd find them using it.
    so is this the complete 18-cd version you're downloading? if so, then awesome! i look forward to your eventual thoughts. i'll probably have more thoughts myself by the time you've listened because i've barely scratched the surface of the 18cds.
    haha, why did they even bother with a blu. i did like the heart attack line in the review. it's the only elements they could find, so shouldn't it technicality get a perfect score, haha (was that black christmas were the guy said that?). wonder what they'll say about the other Prior films.
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