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  • well its actually more like twitter where ya follow someone
    its called kumpeling for some reason. i think pbf said it was german for friend
    if you go to my profile, you can kumpel or ignore me
    then in your profile you can see recent ratings in the "recent kumpel activity" link
    i got you, zach, svt, ned, inmate, nilbog, xander and jal90 in mine
    That was actually one of the aspects I loved about Vertigo, in how the conflict becomes about how Madeline has fallen for Scottie after the audience is aware it's her and what she did, while Scottie seems to be losing his mind and becoming obsessed/controlling with this "new woman" to the point where you're not even behind his character anymore, when really the twist is his subconscious is figuring everything out. Plus his vertigo issue is still tied into the plot up to the very end. It's absolutely brilliant and not once did it cross my mind that people would consider it a deflation in the story until I read up on reviews afterwards. And yeah, Vertigo is quite hypnotic. That dream sequence, while a climactic representation, is the film's mood in a nutshell for me because I felt that strangeness lurking throughout the entire thing. Other than Scottie, it feels like it's the audience's subconscious that's being explored in that moment and my god, it's exhilarating.
    caught the thing on tv and you were right my score was pretty unfair. still didnt love it tho
    Every film of Hitchcock's I've seen has been spectacular and wonderfully written, but if I was to focus on three, I really was taken by Rear Window, Vertigo, and Rope. It was pretty easy to go from one film to another because Jimmy Stewart is such an accessible on-screen presence, but overall I really have just been chasing whatever top ten lists popped up on google. Rope is a film I've been meaning to see because once again, Mad Men referenced it haha. In season 2, Pete and his brother Bud were trying to figure out what to do with their mother ("Remember Rope?") and I always knew that joke alluded to murder, but now having seen the film, I find it so fitting/humorous that the Campbells would respond to it so positively. But beyond that, I admired how the film operates in real time and didn't even mind the stylized behind-the-back masking because the story still feels seamless and the long continuous shots are very impressive regardless.
    Agreed. If there's one directorial nugget (and maybe I'm pointing out the obvious) that has stuck with me is that I love how it opens with Caroline (Hope Lange's character) reading the names on the glass and looking into the agency with such optimism and then at the end of the film as she's leaving that office, she looks back in, but the camera is inside looking out to her (names on glass are backwards). I just thought that bookend conveyed such a perfect illustration of her and every other woman being put through the ringer of social/gender politics, and now she has come out the other side much more wise to it. Meeting back up with (the although decent) Mr. "I told you so" was, as the title suggests, the best outcome in a world where this issue will unfortunately always exist.
    I watched The Best of Everything a few days ago and enjoyed it a lot as well. It's pretty incredible that as much a it has influenced Mad Men (92 hours of story) with how strikingly similar it is aesthetically/thematically, that the film still holds its own and left me with a fresh impression which I'm still reflecting upon.
    Oh wow, yeah I know the scene you're talking about and I used to have a vague summary of what it meant for Don to be reading that, but now it escapes me so I'll definitely check this film out next. I love exploring referenced works for further context of the show (also a good exercise to watch new stuff) and I had actually planned on knocking out that list of Weiner's a while back, but only saw two films before getting complacent or distracted from continuing. As of recent, I've been having a ball with a lot more Hitchcock stuff (Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window, Rope, The Man Who Knew Too Much, etc.), and now that you have redirected my attention at Weiner's list, I can see how he took to Vertigo, tonally and through the subtle integrity/intricacy of how Hitchcock delivers that story.
    haha, i ranked that one by memory. didnt remember liking it at all
    would rewatch but im rather swamped
    its one of several that everybody else likes but not me like mccabe and mrs. miller, the conversation, something wild and raising arizona. cant like everything i guess

    im making some good progress on westerns too and july will be western heavy on tcm. ive liked the 2 mann/stewart films ive seen and looking forward to the others..its neat watching stewart play feisty ambiguous characters especially opposite robert ryan in naked spur
    bought the mulholland drive criterion a few days ago and cant wait to watch it
    never seen anything by lynch so we'll see if i like his style
    also, if you're interested, i have been refining my criticker scores to a point im actually quite satisfied with and have ranked at least a hundred more since you last checked it out so uh feel free to check it out again
    i'm glad you loved it! i need to watch it again, although so much of it is still very fresh in my mind. it's a stunningly directed film. you're right about how it strays from getting bogged down with throwing in twists and really just commits to running with a very well-told, cryptic premise. i saw this in theaters and you could really feel the energy of a crowded audience going dead silent throughout in the best way possible, due to the strange immersive pull that the film achieves.
    love the new av
    the one thing that always deters me from getting jurassic park on dvd is the lame cover
    they really nailed that orinal/vhs cover
    what do you mean, like(when i do this)? i don't know, never really think about it. is it more correct to (do this)?
    haha i figured you forgotten or hadnt noticed
    would def recommend you check out young girls of rochefort as well whenever you do check out that set
    i dont know if you've seen any jacques demy films (tho i imagine you have, seems like someone whose work you'd enjoy), but i watched young girls of rochefort today and found it wonderfully charming. ned/inmate/svt have all seen and praised umbrellas of cherbourg so i am gonna try and see that at some point.
    any opinions/other recs for him?
    also saw a pair of wim wenders films which i liked quite a bit as well: wings of desire and alice in the cities from his road trilogy
    considering buying the upcoming criterion of the trilogy if the other 2 are similarly well reviewed
    any opinions/recs for him also?
    note: have seen paris,texas but only thought it was okay
    should give it a fresh viewing tho
    ah yes the "..." thread
    good times
    will definitely revive when not boarding thru an xbox
    unfortunately i havent seen anything else he has done
    tcm which is my film lifeline for film is airing a lot of bergman and kurosawa and the odd truffaut but breathless is the only godard so far
    criterion and tcm have some sort of partnership going so it should just be a matter of time for some more of his to appear
    im up to six truffauts tho
    i really liked seeing paris and all the culture of the period
    the camerawork and unorthodox editing and of course some good action sequences when there avoiding the cops
    it was very dialogue driven but the actors carried it so ably
    saw breathless a couple of nights ago and loved it
    belmondo's opening line pretty much summed up my feelings on his character tho
    yeah, this in an interesting one... i'm really looking forward to that 7" with the four new songs! (if i can even get my hands on it...) but i do wish they'd have left the extra shadows recordings to that 7" alone and done something new with the album. it's a bit of a disappointment that the 7" songs are going to be basically half the album... but oh well. i would have much preferred gospel songs... but i'm just okay enough with this.
    what does have me excited is the fact that dylan was in the studio a few weeks ago and people are basically saying he wouldn't be there if he wasn't recording new material so people are rumouring a second album later this year? i'm not so sure about that myself because there's almost definitely going to be another bootleg series this year and they can't really have stuff overshadowing other stuff for the sake of sales so something is going to have to go.
    if you download the original version of the second album, be sure to throw on 'into the groove', since it wasn't originally on it till later. no idea about current bands, so i had no clue. would certainly be weird with the likes of destroyer, used to that destroyer's rubies sound. haha, yeah i'm sure it looks like garbage. only saw it on tv, so it looked good.
    and oh that's what five fingers of death is, just looked it up. never seen it, but there's been a poster of it hanging in the window of Queen Video on queen street forever. and that batman movie was in part shot on film.
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