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  • found that stern clip on fox29:
    I was really impressed with the music most of all .
    it had been years since I'd watched anything peanuts related so I'd forgotten about its jazzy score
    watched the special feature about vince guaraldi and it was fascinating
    the serendipity of it all is staggering
    making my way thru these peanuts cartoons and they're so good
    the christmas one is a little overrated tho
    the cast of characters seemed incomplete till peppermint patty (now I just miss marcie) showed up in the 4th one
    probably my fave nondog character
    now all that's missing is Sally calling Linus her sweet babboo which apparently didn't happen till the 80's.
    what a shame

    considering getting the 70's sets
    hmm, the world is a confusing place.
    one other possibility I read was that it could have both region 1 AND 2 but I don't know if it's actually possible to have multiple regions on a release. I've always assumed you were in one region or region-free and that's it
    thanks for your insight tho. maybe i just have a quirky xbox
    i got a complicated question for you. you may not know and that's fine but you're a lot more in the weeds on this stuff than me.
    so when I was buying Random Harvest and all that other stuff I also bought The Bicycle Thieves
    I saw it was arrow, one of those boutique labels so I bought it without really thinking or looking at the back of the box. I looked today and it had uk ratings and a uk website listed. I was like "uh-oh, did I buy a region 2 dvd by mistake?" the region wasn't listed anywhere so I figured I'd simply try playing it.
    it works fine on my xbox 360 (phew) but I can't find any information anywhere that says this particular release was released in North America and it is listed as region 2 on amazon.
    I guess what I'm asking is: is this a quirk of my xbox or is something else going on
    here's a pic of the cover
    did my annual search for that skylon tower haunted house ride. this time i skimmed a ton of videos too, and no one online seems to have even filmed the arcade or anything from back then. though i did come to find that Frankenstein eating the whopper must have been put up in 1999, or early 2000. also i found some cool parts with alien encounter in them, i clipped together four of them here:
    no problem! i seriously recommend high maintenance, i think that's right up your alley. crazy ex-girlfriend is just a lot of fun, a bit intoxicating. the title and premise - especially the musical aspect - really didn't enthuse me when my friend described it to me but i ended up loving it very quickly. lotta smarts going on behind the scenes. i can't really remember much about atlanta haha, just that it was good.

    very much looking forward to the deuce, david simon's next show, and obviously twin peaks too
    from what ive read, there is a significant market for physical media, but companies have to be sensible about it
    apparently there were 6 hmv's in the ottawa-gatineau area which is ridiculous
    2 would have sufficed. fans of physical media would have traveled farther to get it.
    i think if they had cut like half of their stores sooner and focused more on movies (i dont think people are dropping dvd/blus nearly as fast as they're dropping cd's) they might have weathered the storm longer.
    I mean, the crowds at christmas were insane! you could barely move.
    I really hope SOMEBODY steps in and attempts to keep a high selection of movies somewhere cuz there are still tons of people who barely shop online or don't at all. I can't live without shelves of stock to walk through and pick through

    shopping online when you know what you want is fine, but i go into a store only knowing im gonna leave with a stack of stuff
    think anybody will attempt to fill the void?
    Wal-Mart or best buy or independent record stores?
    hmv is closing
    first donald trump, now this
    2017 sucks
    I hate every person who has ever downloaded a movie
    Yeah, their stories actually touched me. it really is one thing to know there are people living in the inner cities in such dangerous situations, but it's something else to see it.

    the dichotomy of the 2 stories also struck me.
    one has the chance at this "elite" school or whatever and does reasonably well , but at the back of your mind you know that the only reason this school is so very interested in giving him all these opportunities is because of what HE can give THEM.
    The other has that chance ripped away from him by things out of his control and the bitterness that follows is palpable
    I could relate to Arthur in a way as I was the kind of teen that did enough in high school to finish but couldn't be bothered to go above and beyond or anything
    yeah been seeing some good stuff lately
    the tv i'm using for blu-rays is a fairly modern flatscreen deal. just nothing fancy. no tubes required
    got a new laptop but ended up getting a regular blu-ray player and hooking it up to one of the other tvs in our house that has an hdmi connection instead of a drive which seemed rather hard to find and overly complicated for my head
    the movies look really good but until I one day get an hdtv, I probably won't see the full benefits.
    for now tho I'm satisfied
    to answer your deleted question 25 - 45 bucks
    blu-rays tend to be cheaper for some baffling reason
    thinking of getting a new laptop and external blu-ray drive so i can take advantage of some great titles that are only available in blu
    polanski's repulsion and kurosawa's high and low have been calling my name
    i see
    im gonna see jour de fete and parade tonight on tv
    m. hulots holiday is on next sunday so i will be done 4/6 in no time
    if i am lucky this french station will show the other 2 at some point
    what happened to your criticker man
    the site has been glitchy for me so ive been unable to rate anything for a month. i have such a backlog
    i saw tati's mon oncle tonight and it was quite good.
    it wasnt quite as uproarious as i was expecting but was pretty whimsical and hearty.
    would love to see play time at some point
    i think so
    i think i watched it in the morning into the afternoon if i recall correctly
    it wasnt a bad movie but there was a lot of wasted time
    could have been way shorter
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