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  • all the full episodes of night walk/night ride/night moves are finally up on youtube eh.
    in bad quality, but some guy has uploaded all the robert stack episodes. good sign though, just need someone who knows what they're doing to upload em.
    just watched black christmas which i know you're a fan of and it was pretty good
    the big plot twist was spoiled for me (my own fault bah) but the tricky ending (what's with the final call, they never checked the fucking attic, was peter innocent, is she going to be killed, they leave ONE cop with her and he's OUTSIDE) was refreshing
    anyway, i found hussey too low key except for the final 20 minutes and loved the fellatio gag (really nash, buy a fucking dictionary)
    liked seeing the thorough explanation of phone tapping back in the analog days. movie would be over in 5 minutes with todays tech.
    probably no surprises here
    mon oncle
    m. hulot's holiday
    jour de fete

    on a sidenote, did you ever get around to watching any Jacques demy films?
    I bought the Young Girls of Rochefort last week and even on lowly dvd it looks fabulous.
    I really think it would be right up your alley
    finally saw playtime and enjoyed it. I rarely laughed but there was a technical brilliance to it and it was clearly a labour of love.
    the 2 gags that stood out was one early on where a guy walks up to a guy for a match and the camera pulls out and shows a pane of glass between them (not funny but cute) and the guy opening the doorhandle even after the glass door has completely shattered.

    I'm gonna have to watch it again, particularly the restaurant section as I didn't see anything in it that was amusing.
    a rewatch might reveal this to be more than an elaborate play
    criterion gets their hands on one of my favorite movies (election) and botch the cover when the original was perfect.
    The Whole Town's Sleeping (best quality):

    and this is the shirt:

    yeah i know exactly what you mean. i don't know if it's ever hurt my enjoyment but it does bug me a lot and it's always in the back of my mind. overall though i still think the positives outweigh the negatives and my brain likes being able to quantify my opinion of a movie and i'm obsessed with ranking things so it's worth it for me, but i do worry that it's ultimately a bad habit. it also helps me to remember how i felt about movies that i watched but have basically forgotten about. i do want to try writing my thoughts down more on my letterboxd account so the movies become more than just their scores but i always cringe at my writing, especially when i'm straining for something to say, which is almost always.
    all the time, but i make it work
    you should follow svt's system of 0-7
    7 Favourites
    6 Best Ever
    5 Love
    4 Like
    3 Indifferent
    2 Dislike
    1 Hate
    0 Worst Ever
    it's simple but works. if i were to start over I'd do it this way
    you could even simplify it further by merging some of those categories
    I find it's the movies in the middle around like/indifferent I have the hardest time rating which is why I have a massive glut around 73-77 in my rankings
    I was watching some sloan videos on youtube and I couldn't look at their singer without thinking of oldschoolersimpsons haha
    hey! i just came across a copy of it online, and thought that it would be interesting to check it out. definitely not great art in any sense but it was indeed a fun little film. i'd definitely check out more of the same stuff. do you have any recommendations?
    haha, yeah there's another joke like the stake one but i can't remember what it is. the clip wasn't online for a long while, but it looks like some people have got it up again so i got to watch it later.
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