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  • No semicolons before parentheses either!! (winkyface)

    Here is an example from your latest post:

    "But as I said; there is no reason that someone couldn't do that and celebrate Thanksgiving"

    They should only be used to separate independent clauses. "But as I said" cannot stand on its own as a sentence; therefore, it only needs a comma after it.

    This has been a free grammar tip from aspiring editor Panther!
    I've noticed that you tend to use semicolons incorrectly. Just a little tip to help you with them: Never use them before a conjuction, like "and" or "but." Semicolons are meant to be used in place of a conjunction, not alongside a conjunction.
    I can see why, because the episodes now are complete shit. The last two episodes haven't gotten me to laugh even once. Episodes basically go like this: 1. Peter gets great idea 2. Peter goes through with idea 3. Peter ruins idea. 4. Peter apologises and there are no consequences.
    Have you watched the newest Family Guy episodes? They're so terrible, it seems as if Seth Macfarlane has just stopped trying.
    I hated "Clown In The Dumps". The episode shows that Krusty's characterisation is just like he is in the Simpsons universe: He's not funny anymore, and everything with him in it is now lame. The episode was as boring as watching paint dry, the jokes were cringe-worthy, and Rabbi
    Krustofski's death was extremely forced. The Lisa/Homer subplot was also
    lame. "A Simpsons Clip Show" is also one of my least favourites. It relied WAY too much on scenes from great episodes, and it essentially had no plot whatsoever.
    Right, but Simpsons episodes often have plots at the start that are pretty irrelevant when you think about them. See: the lottery stuff at the start of Dog of Death or the slumber party scenes in Flaming Moe's. I think it's natural for Springfield to have a town meeting (like they do in so many other episodes) and they're not the quickest witted bunch so I can believe they'd go for one of the first options they're given without really thinking about the outset. I agree that the Homer/Jay conflict feels slightly forced, but they needed something to break up the gagfest, and that's the most logical one I can think of. Also, the Jay Sherman character gives lots of funny stuff to the episode IMO, although most of it is through interactions with other characters (such as Homer trying to come across as "witty" as him and Patty and Selma's reaction to him telling them MacGyver is gay.)
    I don't want to drag the "characters you miss" thread off-topic, so I'll ask you here: how is the plot for A Star is Burns forced? I think "Springfield is voted the least cultured town in America (I think that's it?) so they start a film festival" is a perfectly fine plot. And it's not as if Jay Sherman takes up that much screen-time, I'd say it's split between scenes at 742 Evergreen Terrace and in Springfield as a whole. Also, it's hilarious, but that's irrelevant to this message.
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