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  • you can hav,

    the doggos. the cats stay with me. they dont even have passports :^(
    still not confident u wont leave me again. I cant let myself get hurt again!!
    I don't get how the producers could play through The Thousand Year Door and conclude, this is a formula that isn't working. I get that they want to try new things, but they're so stubborn to not go back to that style.
    I heard that in Sticker Star that there is literally no character growth, and that a viable strategy is to avoid battles wherever possible. How can they make a RPG with no character growth?
    I'm mad at Nintendo about that. I don't like how the Mario & Luigi games play, and they're only interested in making Sticker Star type games. I heard Color Splash was surprisingly okay, but I'm still not interested.
    Ice Climbers seems like a logical pick, since they said they wanted to and couldn't get the tech to work. I heard similar things about adding the Inklings... They didn't think they could push the Wii U to do what they wanted with the characters. I wonder where else they could go? Some of the other logical candidates are already Assist Trophies. Maybe Elma from Xenoblade X? One of the Sun/Moon or X/Y Pokemon?
    What is this "Smash"? I am a squid now.

    Was hearing that the new 3-D Mario is going to be more exploration-based than the Galaxy games. Exciting, if true!
    (Smash, I'm kinda expecting an enhanced port of the Wii U game with all the DLC, a couple new game modes, and like, 5-10 new characters.)
    I literally dont know how skype works tbh tho I had th app for a bit I dunno how to create rooms or chat w multiple people. mayneed to look into that.
    oddly I havent had issues lately. the app is sloooowly getting better, though last time I was on comp little ad Windows did appear right in front of where u type which finally made me use anti-virus and I amassed hundreds within seconds which may say alot the upkeep of tc in general
    I had Skype a long time ago from when me and Ryan and people would do podcasts and stuff but haven't been on there in forever. I think I might've lost my password. The conversations might've disappeared either from a version update or maybe they just delete from cache after a time limit. Not sure.
    Ah, the office job. The good news is that a lot of office-y kind of jobs have a decent number of angles you can get hired from. I work with a decent number of people who had a large variety of majors, and a decent chunk who got in via work experience. They're usually looking for people who have good computer skills and know how to work/manipulate spreadsheets and stuff. Just find something that you're passionate, learn whatever skills are necessary, and I'm sure someone will hook you up!

    Networking is good too. So many people I know fall ass-backwards into jobs from just people they meet, and end up starting careers there.
    Dang, I'm trying my best. Should be at 5K subscribers around the end of the year!

    Why did you go into accounting awhile back? What was the appeal of it? I had to take accounting classes for my business/econ majors and found it too dry and organized (sorting numbers, yuck), although managerial accounting was slightly more interesting. Are you interested in the more math-side of business stuff? I know there are a decent number of business degree angles that use that stuff. But trying to get a business degree means having to deal with business people, and that sucks.
    *shudder* I would ask to be double-tapped with a shotgun before turning into that Zombies.

    You'll figure out what you want to do soon enough. Sometimes I think just working a little while is a good palate-cleanser to find out what kinds of things in jobs you value and stuff.
    Where are you working? Are you still in school? I remember that you were taking classes or looking into it, but can't remember if you were done yet.
    (I just finished a month of mandatory 10 hour overtime weeks. Worked 55 hours one week. I was a zombie every night when I would get home.)
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