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  • Well, if you truly like her then it should be harder for you to be mean to her than it is with other people. Maybe make a habit of saying what you mean. You'll find out if she really likes you back much sooner, and she will be more likely to believe you if you ever have to lie about something important. Rise above your friend and don't talk about him unless she complains first, then it's fine to add whatever the hell you want. That's my two cents anyway. I'm pretty good at getting people to like me if I have my heart set on being with them.
    That's great to hear! How did the girls act differently, or how did you see them differently? I hope it continues to work. Maybe more guys will notice and follow your example!
    Well I suppose that's a point. I'm sure there are better people than me who haven't written novels though. Maybe they actually go out and do something good instead of sitting at home imagining it and writing that down.
    How can I answer that question? I don't know if other people find me attractive. And writing a novel doesn't make me better than anyone at all.
    Good for you :) I've been editing my novel and now I'm going to bed because it's 6am here.
    I admit I'm bias but I don't think that I would. Regardless, the point of the thread could've easily been achieved in a blog post or a comment in the actual review thread where....shockingly....the song was actually talked about!
    Defeated Blaine. Now on Two Island!

    Blastoise (lv.43), Snorlax (lv.42), Raichu (lv.42), Victreebel (lv.42), Ninetales (lv.42), Aerodactyl (lv.28) is my current team. I also captured Zapdos.
    Yay got Aerodactyl.

    I'm also gonna take a trip to the Power Plant to fight and capture Zapdos.
    I'm on course to Cinnabar Island. Gonna get Aerodactyl and redo the entire region to grind levels out of him.
    I think I have found a way to trade with yourself - because I currently have two Visual Advances after downloading one of the files from that link. You basicially need to redo the first few 10 minutes of the game again in the second one but you can trade Pokemon to yourself at least.
    If you manage to get to Fuschia with only Venusaur and Clefairy (that will definitely be the hardest thing ever. Better get shitloads of potions because some of them are flying and poison type trainers, which are grass' weaknesses!) then the Safari Zone will interest you. There's both Nidorans, Nidorina, Nidorino, Pinsir, Parasect, Chansey, Kangashkan, Tauros and Rhyhorn.

    Use the Good Rod and you get Goldeen and Poliway. Get the Super Rod and you get Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Slowpoke and a 1% chance of getting Dragonair.
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