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  • because I know where you want these threads to go and it'll be a huge, massive trainwreck that the admin staff has to fix because a buncha feelings get hurt
    Am I?
    Eh, I think I'm always like this , I'm just kinda honest bout stuff more often sometimes,
    I won't tell anyone, but any member that visits your page and looks at your messages is going to find out anyway.
    You weren't rude. I actually enjoyed our discussion! I accidentally replied on my own wall before posting to yours.
    Complete opposite end of the country actually. I have ancestry from Scotland and Ireland though.
    I honestly have no idea, man. I do get compliments if that's what you mean. I don't think I'm ugly to the point that someone would suggest I shouldn't reproduce, but that's all I know.

    Well, sucks if you're not seeing so much of her. Sorry to hear that.
    We've been through this - I cannot objectively rate my own hotness. Is it not working out with that really nice and unfortunate girl?
    oh yeah what was i thinking use this instead
    hey you should post this picture and link raspberry's name in the post
    Hahaha that's great. I am somewhat proud that my username does not seem like a username.

    As for the other thing I have no idea. Even based on what you've said about her, that doesn't really dictate whether she's into nice guys or nasty ones. To get fucked over so many times I'd be inclined to guess she likes people who are kinda dickish but would benefit from your strong morals (e.g. disagreeing with your friend for cheating). Maybe you're the happy medium and can do the dangerous=attractive part easily as well as being nice.
    It's from The Food Wife, Season 23. It was literally the first thing that came into my head, and I used to have the title (in my avatar) "Sucky Critic" that went with it.
    Nah, not sarcastic - whether or not it's a cool one, I always think it's awesome if I meet someone who's exactly like an animated character. Like, when you think about how hard it would be to cast these shows as a live-action movie, and yet there are people living like them.
    Yeah, who can blame you? And I like what you said about Dead Putting Society. I watched that last month and felt the same way you did. I mentioned that I thought that might be the true beginning of Jerkass Homer, but Infinity gave some explanations on why it wasn't the case, thus leading to my "What exactly is Jerkass Homer?" thread. But yeah. Very unlikeable in that episode.
    Wow, he sounds like a find. I know a woman who is exactly like Mallory Archer, I mean she even looks like her.
    It depends really. If she's been treated really badly in the past she might think it's romantic if you're super-nice to her. My first two boyfriends practically stalked me in a Romeo kind of way, but I thought it was cute at the time because I was used to people in general being dicks. Just don't make it too unrealistic or it'll be awkward next time you have a bad day.
    Well, if you truly like her then it should be harder for you to be mean to her than it is with other people. Maybe make a habit of saying what you mean. You'll find out which things she likes about you much sooner, and she will be more likely to believe you if you ever have to lie about something. Rise above your friend and don't talk shit about him unless she complains first, then it's fine to add whatever the hell you want. That's my two cents anyway. I'm pretty good at getting people to like me if I have my heart set on being with them.
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