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  • Those are all good episodes. 500 Keys is my favorite episode of the season. It's very well written, sort of like Trilogy of error. :)

    The Nedliest Catch is a pretty solid episode. I'm interested in seeing how their relationship turns out based on the public vote.
    Hey Dehumanizer. I see, I'm sorry about that. You will get through it.

    Cool, what episodes are you curious about?
    I know Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest but I'm a bit lost on the other ones. Are they also metal/rock?
    Those are some nice choices. Fight Fire with Fire is another favorite of mine. What other bands are you into?
    It's hard to decide, but I'd probably say that my favorite songs are Nothing Else Matters and Fade to Black. I also enjoy the Ride the Lightning Album.
    What are your favorites?
    Yeah, I wasn't too keen on them at first but I've grown to like them. Are you a Metallica fan as well?
    Well, I'm not an expert in that area of music...
    So it's still a band now? Only some of the members changed?
    Thank you ^_^
    But that's not my actual name. I've actually never heard of it until I watched Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play. So, when I registered here, out of randomness I chose that as my username.

    But I'm curious, what is the history behind your username?
    Well, I'm glad that because of the writers, the movie didn't turn out like a post-classic episode. That would've been just awful.
    Itt's probably one of the most mixed feelings ever. A whole new life is about to begin for you.
    That sounds interesting. I can't seem to remember, but what are the seasons David Mirkin wrote for?
    I thought it was hilarious(though I can't say the same for the syndicated version, where many scenes got unnecessarily cut). But why didn't you like it that much?

    No, I don't own any of the DVD's. What are the commentaries like?
    When I started watching the show again(again, around 2007 or so) I have to admit, it didn't really appeal to me because at the time, it didn't make sense to me(why are they yellow? why do they only have four fingers? why does no one say what state Springfield is in? etc.) Back then, I was really picky about those kinds of things. By the time I saw the movie, I think I experienced my 'rediscovery' of the show.
    As a kid, I watched them all the time but as of about, 2007(shortly after the movie came out actually) I have been a dedicated fan.
    As for favorite seasons, I'd have to say, seasons 2-4. I liked the realism of the storylines and IMO, there was a healthy combination of both sentimentality and humor(something that the modern seasons greatly lack).

    It's hard for me to pick an all-time favorite episode, but I'd say either Cape Feare or Homer the Great.

    What about you?
    Thank you. I appreciate that.

    That's true. And isn't the whole point of a forum is to share and discuss different ideas and opinions? Basically, these kinds of forums contradict their actual purpose.

    Yeah, it seems like everyone's a hypocrite. It's just stupid to expect respect in your beliefs when you don't give respect to others yourself. It's all in the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. It's that simple really.
    Yeah, I also hated going to church, but that's because I think it's immoral of me to pray or listen to a sermon when it's against my beliefs. Basically, I believe in fact. IMO there's just not enough proof to conclude that God is real or that the events in the Bible actually happened. That's just how I am, I need some ground in my beliefs.

    I respect your opinion. I may not agree with it, but nonetheless, I respect it.
    Thank you ^_^

    It's the same with me, but the opposite. I'm an atheist, so my Christian friends are always telling me how I deserve to burn in hell. That's what I hate about a lot of Christians, they always try to convert non-Christians because they think their religion is right and all the others are wrong(no offense, there are some good ones out there). I mean, I don't try to force people to be atheists(and I certainly don't hate them), I give good reasons for why I believe what I believe, but it's still not enough.
    It is. It'd be nice if people would be a bit more accepting here, but I guess that's asking for too much.

    Yeah, in many places these days, Conservatives generally get a lot of disrespect. People need to realize that not all Republicans are bad, and that they can have good reasons for their opinions.

    BTW, thanks for the add. :)
    That's good to hear. And I'm sorry for the way that some people have been treating you here lately. It seems like people here get treated like shit just because they have a different opinion than everyone else.
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