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  • you should come visit every now and then. happy holiday season nonetheless.

    -joe miller
    Sorry to hear that, woulda made a thread or something if I'd gotten on earlier in the day
    I dunno, at least his voice sounds normal. He sounds like the love child of Batman and Michael Ironside in Infamous one
    Hey Dave, so they have Infamous two comming out. Just letting you know you're getting the ending spoiled ahead of time lol
    Did they give any reliable sources for those spoilers? Because the only one I saw was something pretty big..
    I only peaked at one in the thread and regretted it, so I've decided to resist the urges completely
    I know, Jacob's become a real point of interest for me so I can hardly wait for Across the Sea
    Don't know if I can choose just one, LOST offers such a wide variety of characters that it'd be too hard. I guess my top 3 are Hurley, Ben Linus, and Miles (but I'm a little dissapointed he came into the series so late)

    Though MIB and Jacob are also starting to grow on me
    That's probably the show's best action scene. If I had to choose I'd either say Dave or Man of Science Man of Faith. I loved everything acbout season 2 in general, probably my favorite season of the show
    I've also noticed you're a regular in the LOST thread. Got a favorite episode?
    I know, we don't see much of those enemies other than the occasional Smash Bros. cameo. Though, I am appalled at the lack of a Mouser trophy in Brawl
    Yeah that's why I was super shocked when I found out about Super Luigi Galaxy
    Yeah Yoshi makes any Mario game better. This'll probably be Yoshi's biggest gameplay role in any of the the 3D console games. He was only a secret in 64 and in Sunahine you could only use him in Isle Delfino, so it's about time they started implementing him into the games like this
    Oh and remember when I said that God of War 3 would end with the boat captain shooting a minigun at you?


    I would give you video evidence but I've spoilied too many games for you so yeah.
    holy shit this conversation is fucked up dude. you're responses are before what I post so yeah.
    Oh the giant horse on Gaias arm in God of War 3 is Poseidon's ride. It's a boss battle you see and when Kratos goes to finish him via quick time events you get to see all the horrible things he will do from Poseidons point of view.
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