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  • I don't care what they think of me, they haven't even read any of my posts, they think i was a member called "Treehouse of horror". They keep getting me confused as him,.
    wow you joined yesterday and only have 23 posts? pathetic ^_^ {day after i joined i had almost 200}
    yea, i don't skate much either. i fall down WAY too much, and i prefer to be standing rather then sitting while skating ^_^
    cool. every 4th of July we have a barbecue, it used to be at my house, but today it is at my cousin's house. do u ice skate yerself>?
    I'm good, going to a barbecue later ^_^

    and although i disagree on your post about BTL, i still respect your views on said episode.
    i think most people didn't like it, or they just felt that the premise was too weird. I have always liked it, and i like the humor, but i can kinda understand why others dislike it so much {and plus it's from season 11, and we all know the rep of that season}
    damn that's strange... that's one of my favorites.

    my favorite is the Springfield Files and my least favorites are Make Room For Lisa and Little Big Mom
    o cool. I've been watching since i was about 6 or 7, my big sister got me into it ^_^

    What is your least favorite episode? {i normally ask favorite, but i assume it is Homer's Enemy, and or Rosebud?}
    ha yea i like your album. Yea, i always notice new people, i just joined last month {hard to tell cause of my massive posts} ^_^

    So how long have you been watching the greatest cartoon ever ^_^
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