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    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Seen clips of Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special: for those of you SICK of Marix74ah Carey, listen to I Don't Know What Christmas Is Bout Christmas Time Is here by the Old 97s:
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    Rate & Review: "Game Done Changed" (OABF03)

    Who was singing at the end of the credits? Was it Drake, since he was mentioned in the episode?
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    RIP: Everett 'Duckman' Peck

    I just found out on Facebook.....Everett Peck, who was my illustration teacher at Palomar College San Marcos, California in 1981 and went on to create the animated series 'Duckman' that had Jason Alexander from Seinfeld voicing the character, passed away from pancreatic cancer on June 14, 2022...
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    My Theory Regarding Sox Lightyear!

    Everyone who k own me for eons will say, "Oh,'re being your 'Crazy Cat Lady' self!" HEAR ME OUT!!!! I believe that Sox, the cat from Lightyear, is NOT a robot cat, but rather a BIONIC cat and here's why: 1) Sox affectionately rubs his head and went between Buzz's legs when he...
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    Why do all cartoon dads wear tighty whiteys?

    Dethklok....mostly Pickles (the Mordland episode and Snakes N Barrels One)....wears 'tighty-whiteys', too!!!!
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    Notable Deaths 2022

    Just posted on one of the Simpsons pages that Ray Liotta, who voiced Moe's dad, died in his sleep.
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    Another Simpsons Guest Voice Actor Has Passed Away

    Yahoo News announced Ray Liotta died in his sleep...he voiced Moe's dad.
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    Where is the D DEBBS birthday thread?!!?!?!

    Other than going through one medical test after another (that's what happens when you're SIXTY), I am fine. Just got back from Shakey's Pizza Palour and had a FREE all-you-can-eat buffet (didn't see Homer gorging out-maybe for once he DID get 'all he cat eat?') Din-Din: lobster rolls Dessert...
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    The last thing you ate

    In-N-Out Double-Double burger, fries, and a strawberry shake.
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    What was the last thing you purchased?

    Trader Joe's: tangerine and pineapple juice
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    What are your favorite PBS Kids TV shows?

    When it was on during the 1990s.....Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Used to race home from work just so I can watch it on time! (It was on @ 3:30 on KPBS San Diego)
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    Going to have surgery next month (FUN)!!!!!

    Tomorrow's the so-called 'BIG DAY'.....going to the hospital @ 8:45; hopefully I won't stay over and I won't need a blood transfusion!
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    you ever try to give a cat beer

    GHOST OF TYRANT T. TABBY: I drink champagne with cream.....and use a 'Looney Straw!'
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    Going to have surgery next month (FUN)!!!!!

    I have to go through lab work tomorrow, get a physical, get tested for Covid even though I got my shots and, fun!!!!
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    Notable Deaths 2022

    Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon from the says he had heart problems; they took him off life support.