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  • Happy birthday, mrs. Debb. Guess, you're the oldest member on NHC - really cool you kept your spirit to adventures and forum stuff. Sincerely wish you happiness, health, be beloved (wife, mother, granny ? ), and calm to you and your family.
    Just a sister......not a wife, mother nor granny.
    Still take my greetings🥳
    Hey, to respond to your question, here's a gharial :
    Pardon me for attempting to embiggen this dialogue with sesquipedalian terms, but modicum is a perfectly cromulent word. To be specific, I mailed $30 instead of $25. You should have received that by now though!

    So..how deep is your Simpson Comic collection? All limited editions and variations? All Bongo comics? All Zongo comics? All Life in Hell stuff? What about books? games? inhalers? I know of three variant comics I'm missing (two of which I only learned of recently) but other than that I have all Simpson comics..

    Bruce "OK, maybe not The Simpson inhalers" Gomes
    (Thought I posted something here last night but I don't see it!)
    Four Ralph Wiggums mailed out this morning parcel post. According to USPS that could take seven days to get there. Would have preferred to mail it priority but didn't have labels and packaging ready.
    BTW, I added a modicum to the $25 check mailed earlier to cover postage and handling too.

    Well, in honour of your contributions to Junk Mail. to nohomers and for sending me The Simpsons Comic Strips I would be most happy to send you the four issues of Ralph Wiggum you don't already have. I assume you have "I'm a Comic Book" or is it another one?

    Check mailed Tuesday!

    So, do you still collect Simpsons Comics? Did you get all the Wiggum variations?


    Bruce Gomes
    5 Alamo Court
    Monroe, NY 10950-2001

    Will mail a check to you tomorrow.
    Whoa! Debra Jean Hopkins! It's an honor to hear from the most published Simpsons letter writer. And you thought we didn't notice. I assume you know I have everything you had published indexed here;


    I'll assume all letters were suppose to be for the state of CA, not CT. Feel free to advise of any other errors or missing data - I'm doing a review of it all over the next few months.

    I tried to list all the letters you had published here (22 of them!!) but the maximum message is 1000 characters and just listing the letters you had published required 2577 characters...

    Bruce Gomes
    The Simpsons Archive

    Sorry, didn't check for response frequently enough. Certainly willing to pay $25.
    Email address is bgomes@brokenlink.com

    Thanks, Bruce
    Greetings! Do you still have the Simpsons comic strips you collected? I'm trying to build an index to them and anything you have would be fantastic. I'd be happy to take scans, borrow them, trade for them, pay for them... Thanks! - ArchiveGuy, Bruce Gomes, The Simpsons Archive
    No it's not a last name either, it's kinda meaningless. Someone suggested it to me for a different forum few years back. Never thought it looked like a girl's name until now... And now, it clearly does. Do you have a link to Daria? Nowt wrong with bawdy humour every now and then.
    Ha ha! Just for the record laurso isn't an alternative to lauren or laura, it's just a random and meaningless username. I'm actually a guy... X)
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