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  • John K. and Jhonen Vasquez are my favourites tbh. Plus Stephen Hillenberg, too.

    And yeeeees, Mel Blanc's vocals are absolutely infectious when you listen to him switch from character to character so flawlessly.
    Hell yeah, Bugs is the best. And the only one I can find that is centred around the actual show itself is from like 2010
    Makes sense, that stuff's important to your future. Good luck. And me? Bored, what else is new? Haha
    Wow, Chicago barely getting snow. That's exactly the opposite of what I expected, but your explanation makes sense. And you lurked for, what, a couple of months? Did it for a week before signing up, nearly three years ago. Time flies.

    Some ppl who sign up just find that they have no reason to stay, I guess. Happens all the time, just read the New Members thread to see many such examples. And if I may ask, what is your college major? What are ya working towards?
    Hm I would have thought Chicago might've been like mildly warm considering how cold it gets there, but hey, the more ya know. Plus don't worry about it, some threads have large discussions and some don't, that's not an indicator of you unless people make it abundantly clear. And yep, the mysterious bunny person is always around (and lurks sometimes heh)

    And I see that. It looks like the user may have signed up and forgotten about it or something. *shrugs*
    About as well as they normally are, just trying to survive this oven of a state lol. How about yourself? What's NRB been up to?
    I've been seeing you around, you seem like a fine new addition to the board.

    sorry for the awkward wording, i didn't really know how else to word that...
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