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  • I made your avatar transparent if you want to use it:

    geez, it's been that long? uhh, i've been fine. a few ups and downs (i had like 3 fevers/colds in november) and some other stuff but yeah i've been doing pretty good. you?
    Sorry for being a little late. Not that it matters, or that I care, but if you want you could just rewrite it and I'll edit the usernote and just paste in your text.
    It never went away, truly. But I wanted to use one of my older ones but I'm not giving up my current avatar for any of them, not right now anyway.
    Oh, and if it's not too much trouble I wonder if you could edit it back to its original state.
    Yeah I figured there was something fishy, but it was sad to read, so I wanted to make sure.
    I can see you've already got a VM from Oss but, yeah, a lot of your usernotes have been edited. Look at the ones you gave me and Oss.

    You didn't edit your note for me yourself...

    ... did you? As far as I know, I've been nothing but friendly towards you.
    Automatic 1-day ban for getting his 5th infraction. Should be back soon.
    BSC is banned because he recieved another infraction and his past points stacked up. He'll be back though, don't worry
    Haha, thanks! I was worried that the full name is awkward and long. Glad you like it!
    (It would work better if my name was blue instead of red, but oh well.)
    I haven't heard of any issues with the mobile site. I don't log onto the mobile one myself, so I am not too sure. I'll ask the other mods.
    I thought it was on the 23rd? In either case, I missed it. It'll always be a reminder of that era though
    It's a temp modship for the fundraiser, but I'm gonna try and make the most of it
    geez, three tests. yeah, it is always nice to just relax after a bunch of tests. got diagnosed with a sinus infection the other day, so i've kind of just been laying low over the weekend.
    hey man! i'm doing pretty good. how about you?
    for the mobile thing - i'm not sure. i haven't logged on to mobile in a while. i'll try to login on mobile later when i'm away, i'll see if it works for me.
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