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  • I apologise for taking a long time to reply. I've been pretty ill, among other things.

    LOADS! Assassin's Creed IV, Watch_Dogs, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, D4, Crimson Dragon, Project Spark, Metal Gear Solid V... and so on.

    That good to hear! LOL, sounds a good idea, I'd say. amuse him.

    Bella is always banned on here, again by request. Back in December they say!
    Of course! He was here when I was just a little boarder! Teh Samsins and all!

    He might come back, since the ban was on his own request.

    It started around...February I'd say? He got dumped, went all psycho, made hate speeches about women on here, and got permabanned in April/May.
    They had pictures...but I know it's easy to lie on the net.

    But yes I found the quantity of women there rather odd.
    I talked to him a few weeks ago. Here rather sporadically though.

    Leave him a visitor message and he'll reply. Not sure when though...
    well the only Jim Moroney I know is American
    and died almost 100 years ago.

    I don't think we're talking about the same guy! ;)
    They're alright.

    Best CANADIAN city is Vancouver, otherwise Montreal is better than all of them!
    Hey, man! Long time no speak! I'm not bad thanks. Been up to the usual and am really trying hard to save for the Xbox One ^_^
    How about yourself?
    yeah, dyspraxia is far from fun (although if i'm being brutally honest i'm very lazy anyway which doesn't help). I sort of plant to get back into education, the best option seems to be an Open University course once I actually found work.

    And yeah i'm a football fan, I guess you are too. Which team do you support?
    History & Politics dual honours, I failed one of my modules too many times. What annoys me is that every time I was meant to re-sit it came at a time when I had al ot of other massive deadlines and with my dyspraxia I basically couldn't organise myself.

    Sorry to hear about your girlfriend though, I know moving on can be hard sometimes but I don't see any reason why I nice guy like you won't be alright eventually.
    Mostly older movies from the 60's - 90's
    I particularly like crime movies, but also enjoy comedies and thrillers.
    My fave film is the French Connection
    well I had to drop out of university but other than that fine, how have you been?

    (yeah I know that's a big but other than that i'm fine but i'm trying to look on the bright side)
    hey man it's been a while since I saw you round these parts. Last I heard I was bringing Burns and Smithers back to the plant (don't ask how that works)
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