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  • Coming up with these was pretty fun.

    See if you like any of them.

    Loose Seal
    Mr. Bananagrabber
    Afternoon Delite
    Banger in the Mouth
    Surely Wolfbeak
    The Cornballer
    Thanks! I don't really watch Cartoon Network (I found it while channel flipping), but I was amazed at how good/funny the writing is.
    Hey Comicshow, your turn to nominate for the episode club is next so be sure to do so Wednesday or Thursday. I'd appreciate it if you let me know you still intend to, thanks!:)
    I'm lookin' at your old posts.

    Dude, I kept rewinding my iTunes copy of "Law and Oracle" like five times in a row on that "he took an early retirement" line. Good choice.
    Just a friendly reminder Comicshow: It is your week for episode nomination in the NHC Weekly Episode thread. Please nominate your episode sometime tomorrow at the earliest, or Thursday at the latest. Thanks!:)
    Yeah, my favourite Season 8 episode would be The Springfield Files, although your choice was great. I agree, Grade School Confidential is very underrated and deserves to be more praised :) But, as most people know, my favourite episode of all time would be Season 6 episode Lemon of Troy :)
    is war of the simpsons one of your favorite episodes or do you just like the image of homer imagining marge as a fish?
    that's cool. i usually give them to posts that make me laugh. other times when i agree with people. but i don't give them out a lot. i think i gave more thumbs downs then i do ups
    thanks for all the thumbs ups you've been giving me.

    if i was one to give out thumbs ups more often i'd probably give you some
    i just remembered i haven't seen you on there in quite a while.

    so does that mean you like it here? i've been trying to get others from to join here, or at least to check it out (because people keep complaining about the lack of activity), but i don't think it worked
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