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    Users you really miss

    Thanks @Trab Pu Kcip. And thanks for your birthday wishes from the PM. I left as work commitments took over my time more, but I’ve popped my head in and had a look around from time to time to reminisce. Hope you’re well. CBG.
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    Worst Impersonation Ever...

    Worst Impersonation Ever...
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    UK Simpsons Comics, and how it sucks

    The UK writers do editorials as if they actually write the comics themselves, which is the main point that annoys me. Why not just admit its a syndicated product? The US version is far better, and I'm only sad I have every issue of the comics from #1 in the UK form, and not the US ones.
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    Jeff Albertson?

    fuck you people. honestly, fuck you. please now tell us where springfield is and give maggie a more vocal role. dont forget to reiterate the age of Mr. burns on your way out. clods.
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    What `age` is the Simpsons aged at and when you will stop watching

    i used to buy simpsons comics till a while ago, it's starting to feel wierd buying a comic. i know of adult comics and the like, and the simpsons isn't exactly a childs comic, like the show there is comedy for all ages, but it still feels wierd.
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    Post your Simpson Comic Book Collection!

    i have all the british comics from #1 back in 97. i would rather have the equivalent US ones though of course.
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    its back i don't think brian liked the pictures, so thats why they don't show up.
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    when Bill Morrison and I last spoke on the subject, he said it was a legal problem with fox that was keeping them from launching a website. I agreed with him that it was a stupid situation.
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    SNPP turns 10

    Happy birthday snpp.
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    GS Is Coming Back February 1st

    If the shredder is anything to go by, this site will be the best since that jonah-stalker kid's.
  11. Comic Book Guy ?

    Died like all the other character sites hosted on from a previous C+D. Bit of a Simpsons on the Web topic really.
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    NHC SOTW, take 10

    I'm sure if Jon ever goes awol for too long some time I'll fill the void, I spose it's part of the job being a mod here. ;) Jon... stop looking at me like that..
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    Forum Board

    Stick with this place. :)
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    Simpson Character website (Ideas?)

    A Genuinely in-depth Itchy and Scratchy site would be great to see. Like an I and S studios 'official' site, with all the episodes drawn out scene for scene, history pages with a mock up look back on how the characters were made. Kind of like from a viewpoint of 'a guide to Springfield'/'family...