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  • whoa i went to a christian HS the latter half of 9th grade too and read so many off the list books (underworld, maldoror, and history of the world in 10 1/2 chapters are some i remember. think i started getting deeper into proust at that time too). problem was i didn't read the required list. awful shit

    and man, i would never look at my dad the same in your shoes. oh the decadence of roth

    larry david should do this book on tape

    did i ever tell you that my mom randomly got interested in all the "high-brow" stuff i read? she just randomly started reading a book, thinking she would strike out - without my knowledge. she skipped past the proust, kafka and doestoevsky and went for this. now she says i read intellectual "sex" books ha
    I'm looking forward to the winter too, I've totally been out of it with movies too. Things will be easier with football out of the picture.
    I bet the whole "joking around with eachother" is some contractual obligation. I really think Danielson is great for how brutal he is towards players that are ultimately just kids. It's sounds mean, but he makes it so much fun. Did you listen to him during the LSU - Alabama game last year? Whenever Jarrett Lee did something stupid (which was very often) you could picture Danielson shaking his head as he said "jeez...this is pretty embarrassing if you're LSU." and "If you're Les Miles, you're telling your QB to not lose this game, you can't win it, but you can not lose it."

    Dude also played for the Browns. :headbang:
    law: irish legal system, contract law, and torts (which i fucking love)
    polsci: intro to polsci, economics, and sociology

    reading list is a BITCH
    I just can't believe your distaste for Danielson. I'm not sure we can be NHC friends anymore...
    Oh shit, that's not Miley Cyrus is it? I'm really embarrassed if it is.
    yo! i was on facebook updating some dets, specifically the education section.. and i clicked on it to see who in my friends/network is studying the same thing.. and you came up.

    you got a BA in political science and are working on a law degree as we speak. i'm studying law & political science right now!!
    ohh okay, i definitely need to see more of the coen brothers' movies. "fargo" is pretty high on my list of ones i haven't seen.

    i have been recommended "burn after reading" but was skeptical at first, i guess i'll give it a try sometime soon.
    ahahah. man i like winslet a lot

    and xanax withdrawals and 2666 is not a good combo, ha. the book is probably one of the decade's finest, but bolano only wrote a first draft before dying, and, as any writer can attest, that isn't finalizing your story. so it's long long LONG due to poor editing. since, as an editor, what are you gonna due to a dead man's work? kind of a bummer. but obv the book turned out great anyway

    i really am curious to see field do a novel adaptation after spending time with kubrick. i'm a lit nerd "the book's always better!" type person usually, but man, kubrick was in a league of his own with adaptations. he could make it his own while still maintaining true integrity - and i mean perfect balance. don't think i can say that about any other director trying to film a lit piece, but i'm a snob. excited to see what field can do in this situation
    yeah, though i like the concept of the road and think it's the better literary work, i'm more excited at the prospect of a field blood meridian. i loved in the bedroom and the kubrick mentor-ism. haven't seen little children though, guess i'll get on that

    and his "3 hour" writing style wasn't a criticism, i like it too, esp. when rereading. but i reread everything unless i hate it. i mean, this year i've already read 2666 twice. but any given week i'm usually into 3 different authors unless i'm obsessed with someone... maybe i should obsess on mccarthy for a week, pick up no country. i mean i like the movie
    haha, you better find a torrent soon

    the movie starring the lord of the rings guy is around the corner. seriously though i think hillcoat will work for it and think it could be great. i liked the proposition

    oh and apparently todd field is directing blood meridian, which could also be good

    i'm actually not THAT into cormac other than those two. i find it interesting that his novels can be read in like 3 hours
    i think chris posted saying how he never got around to reading it and it was just sitting on his shelf, then i told him to read it cause it's awesome. definitely a defining book in my teenage years

    the boss of it all is on my queue. really looking forward to it. i've seen a few comedy attempts by trier and they're pretty great. especially since you don't have to disect some inward axiom like his heavy shit

    as for camus... the myth of sisyphus is one of my favorite essays, but his non-fic is pretty bleak and considerably less fun than his fiction - if you're gonna read one of his essays, read sisyphus though. for fiction, read the fall. actually, the only other complete, non-posthumous fiction novel he has is the plague which is also very good so i'd recommend reading both those at some point. the rest is decent but non-mandatory short stories or non-fic. a happy death was alright
    Secret Honor sounds awesome based on your description. I love confined movies like that. Also I need to see Nashville again too, but seriously even though I couldn't understand every subplot completely, that 'everyone's in this thing together' masterstroke ending is seriously one of my favorite scenes in any movie.

    I'll definitely look into Short Cuts, and still have yet to see Magnolia.
    I'm loving Altman. I've seen MASH, Nashville, and McCabe. The latter two are tied for my favorite right now and the endings to both were ridiculously powerful. 3 Women and The Long Goodbye are high on my list right now.

    And yeah I love his beard.
    I just had to let you know, your avatar single-handedly prompted me to check out McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

    I think it's now my favorite Western.
    i'd just like to say that all of your posts are about ten times more awesome with that new avatar. where is it from?
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