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  • I miss Moral Orel so much. Glad that I'm not the only one on here who has watched it.
    Hello just Checking in after my hiatus to see if the unsavory element still exists on this forum.How have you been?
    I'll check back in in a couple months....maybe?
    can't say i'd necessarily recommend these unless you're a john wayne or genre nut like i am, but if you're in the mood for more of the same then go with westward ho or the new frontier. the three he made consecutively with joseph kane are also fun, if completely interchangeable with one another (the lawless nineties/king of the pecos/the lonely trail). olive films has made some top copies available in hd and they look way better than they have any right to. i think some of the blu-ray rips were uploaded to youtube, actually. i'm not too big on the three mesquiteers pictues myself but for weird, goofy '30s fun they get the job done too (love how they seem to be set in the old west and then a car/truck just rolls into the frame, haha).
    hey dude, just took a look at your criticker and saw that you recently watched an old john wayne cheapie. that's super cool! i have a real soft spot for those 30's oaters he did, especially the ones he made for republic from 1935 onwards. far from great art but so much fun. just curious where you saw it/what made you check it out
    It's alright but why is the bathroom always locked.Do I need a key or a password cause it's about to become a situation.
    Somewhat well but it changes by the second.So I can't make any guarantees that it will be the same by the time you read this.
    Calling me a cunt while I was gone is an interesting way of defending me. Regardless, thank you for the note but I'm not a Trump supporter. A tad too protectionist for my tastes. But in any event, I'm not even an American so it doesn't matter.
    We received a report of suspicion of sockpuppeteering, and it turned out /\/\ ( • ) • ) has the same IP as another member who used to post troll-like threads/posts. If you have more details on the matter, feel free to inform me.
    yo nilbog i started a criticker account recently with the same username as here. just added you as a friend.
    this day is an exception sadly, an escape from what's beena rather humid and sticky sunbaking, pre ready for that two weeks we mississipians call fall before im sent into a spiral by freezing like mad.

    beefheart is a discog I intend to leap into someday, definitely an enigmatic and challenging figure. CLINIC are cool but they do require some appreciation of and/or patience with monotony. one of those either you like what they do or dont bands, but not without their surprises too. INTERNAL WRANGLER is a pre essential hidden gem of a 00s indie rock record tho, if anything definitely try that one.
    oop forgot to respond, had a busy yesterday.

    hello nilbog, how are you! me? im good, listening to th cool rock band clinic and enjoying a particularly cool and windy day 8)
    i started with 1984 and then animal farm and then down and out.
    both are brilliant and order obviously doesn't matter too much but animal farm is the stone cold classic. i would start with that, i think.
    Yeah, no problem. I just thought it was funny how you presumably read that thread all the way through thinking it was the unpopular one and that was the only one you took issue with
    Maybe those were the wrong words but I meant in general you sometimes try to defend things that you don't like that much and that don't need defended instead of just going with the flow. I prefer a variety rather than the more in-depth media posts being your usual output.
    cool, so much good tv left to watch. i'm the only person i know who thinks season two is the strongest season of the series. how great was 'the jet set'?
    Thank you so much for your support!

    Things are certainly tough right now, and the universal (and truly hurtful) negativity directed at my video makes it hard to focus on just about anything at all since I know there's a new hate comment every minute.
    Now Tom has made another video too and will come back to this forum to continue shouting his ignorance. Fuck.

    And you've always been cool, Nilbog.
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