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  • Politics? How?

    My girlfriend is Polish. And she is kind enough to come here to Britain during her holidays from college, so I'm saving up to stay out there with her for a while. £1 to 5 zlotys is a nice exchange rate, so it's easy enough to afford.
    Nope, but I'll be near Poznan, thinking of going to some Lech Poznan matches perhaps - good match experience? The stadium looks nice.
    Ha! :D What a lunatic. I do feel sorry for your supporters though - I suppose a lack of attendance will hopefully end up driving him out.

    If all is well, I'm moving to Poland for 6 months or so next August. Have you ever been to see a game out there?
    Nice. If it's before the end of this season we'll meet you, if you want, we try to do a trip to London every month these days and it usually involves a football match.

    How has it become a laughing stock? At least you're playing at a high level in Europe.
    Yes - very well, thank-you. :)

    I was in London at the weekend for a night out with some friends and we went to Charlton Athletic vs Huddersfield Town - excellent atmosphere! Have you attended any Dinamo games recently?
    Yeah, definitely - the real Manchester United fans have moved to FC United because of the ticket prices etc. Got to love the FA Cup, I know the Champions League is great and has quality football, but the atmosphere and feeling of the FA Cup is unbeatable, especially for the non-league teams.

    Nice. Would many PAOK fans travel?
    Not so well for Bristol City although form is beginning to pick up - a good draw against Queens Park Rangers was a highlight thanks to the great Steady. We're still 24th (bottom!) but I honestly believe we have the quality to lift ourselves out of the relegation zone. Gloucester doing well despite the odds - up to 9th now, and the team have a lot of spirit. The crowds are just beginning to return as well, and we will be back in the Conference South next season - so it's just a case of holding on at the minute really.

    At least you get to see some European football, most of us don't lol. And yeah the James saga was entertaining. I believe that despite his age, he's still a great goalkeeper with decent reactions, but he doesn't seem focused enough.
    Hey there. Haha, that actually looked a good game, lot of effort from both teams.

    Happens regularly here, although not in the top 4 or 5 divisions, mainly BSN/S and below.

    It depends on which part of the stadium at Bristol City. I always stand (we don't sit down) in the loudest part of the ground which is The East End and the ticket price there is £23. At Gloucester the price is £12.
    Fickle fans! A true fan will watch their team against anyone. A match is what you make it.

    Those 60 are all loyal supporters. Although to be honest it's hard to afford to watch every game here, not sure how expensive it is in Croatia.
    Thankfully it's not far to Cheltenham - only about 2 or 3 miles. Our old ground had a lot of character though and I hope we can move back there one day. Wow, 60 is bad - is club football not that big in Croatia? Or do people just watch it on the TV?
    Main rivals are Bristol Rovers but there's a rivalry with South Wales clubs as well. Bristol derbies are rare but it's a big rivalry. How are Dinamo doing this season? The only other Croatian club I can think of is Hajduk Split, do you have a rivalry with them?
    Incredible picture and videos. We're not allowed flares here, but to be honest, idiots would probably start throwing them at eachother.

    The move to Cheltenham has been both good and bad. We're getting crowds usually of about 500 which is lower than it used to be, even though we were in a lower league. At the same time though, the facilities are excellent and the food is nice too. We're in a Northern league though which means most away trips are long so we've lost a lot of away fans too.

    Bristol are good where they are. We're getting a new ground in the future and there's money at the club, but maybe not enough to seriously consider consolidating a place in the Premiership. If he gets to many games, the Forest fan will certainly know Bristol City. Ask him and he'll probably tell you more about that.
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