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  • Oh, one thing I did hear through the rumor mill....apparently a 3rd season may have consisted of Cooper being BOB and working at the Twin Peaks pharmacy!?!? That is very rumor-like though. But what IS true: Lynch planned a trilogy of Twin Peaks movies. The 2nd one was going to take place after the series ended, all about Cooper and the lodge...the 3rd one was going to be about David Bowie's character. How fucking bad do I wish these were made?!?!?
    I attempted to message you a lengthy twin peaks thing, but it said you are over your message quota!! OH NOES.
    few months ago? that is a long time. inactivity period is 6 weeks so i guess they did delete my account after all. too bad, i had a ratio of around 7 or 8

    thanks anyway chris

    p.s. the wiki thing may a thing to fool the RIAA? does the site still look the same once logged in?
    caribro, did waffles completely revamp its look? it's like a wiki interface now and my old name/pw won't work!
    chris. could you please direct me to a pic of your vinyl collection so i can (hopefully) look at in awe?
    billyyy, send lust my way. we're the same age HOLLER. maybe she could be our drummer. does she even play drums? tell her to do the knee practice thing and she's in. it's official.
    is lust your friend bethy? i was thinking about this at work today while jamming to the umpteens and she's the only person who makes any sense.

    anyway i hope you feel better. stop coughing you dumbass.
    my weather is the same as your weather silly! LOL where did you get those sexy blue eyes from??
    you are the first person i've done a rainbow puzzle with. apiece? even? EACH!
    holy shit i'm eating captain crunch and xanax and klono at the same time. it's like that fate thing but not really cos there's no such thing in this vast, cold, dark, meaningless landscape in which we exist - you know, those common grounds we share as empty vessels that were full of meant to be discarded emotions; those common worthless grounds. my eyes are defocussing again but you're a good guy. a good drunk guy. i had a dream about pj and keren ann and it was a dirty one. it gave me that one feeling that's considered positive and the opposite of sad. i should sleep more and dream more
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