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  • i put the softies - it's love on a mix i made my gf last week. softies are so good
    hahah awesome vid

    i love how he sometimes rearranged his ROLAND to

    ahaha oh wow that sparks video you posted cracked me up/blew my mind
    You and patrick make AIM chat so much more fun lately. Even disregarding tonight's topic :x
    thanks heaps, dude, for reccing me that silver jews album, so good :thumbup:
    scott: it is really sad that weezer is still huge and nothing painted blue was never noticed
    scott: your text made me sad lol

    my text was just "yet weezer still exists"
    we weren't friends on here already? fuck well we are now!
    w00t for being friends on like 5 different portals :headbang:
    I instinctively went to thumbs up the VM..whoops :x

    :heart: Chrisibou toooooo. Once we figure out all the showdown stuff I bet you'll do a great job!
    yeah, i've been so addicted to him ever since you and billy turned me on to his music. i recommend signing up for his mailing list. i did that just a few weeks before i got that video in my e-mail. i didn't expect to ever get anything considering how dead his site seems to be, so that was a nice surprise.
    i swear to god if you refer to yourself as ugly one more time i'm going to rip your balls off
    i miss talking to you, man. i don't have your number anymore... would you just send me a text that says your name so that i can have it again? i promise i won't phone rape you or anything (what?)
    you snooze, you lose, homie :)

    are you still playing Fallout? I'm making some progress, about 70% done including all the DLCs, and I'm nearing 90 hours.... shiiit there's lots to do in that damn game.
    Well, she's pretty cute, but looking her up, it seems she makes music I like as well. (they signed to the same label as the Concretes)
    hey, did you get my (published) book. i'm told i should take it off mediafire. unless you were joking about wanting it in the first pace, in which case - i'm properly zinged
    by day he's mild mannered chris

    by night he's super powered caribou chris, super hero of the seedy underbelly of boarding
    dear chris,

    you're fun and don't ever quit boarding. you're an original and the board needs you. i feel we would get along great if we ever met. unfortunately i've never even touched the east coast.

    sincerely, santamac
    sup my name's kev and i'm a vendor. i sell hints! i decided to hand out a free sample, and i hope it (finally) gets taken :D
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