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  • Wow, that's a difficult question. Some of my favorites include: The Night and The Silent Water, The Moor, Demon Of The Fall, Credence, Karma, Under The Weeping Moon, Black Rose Immortal, Forest Of October, Serenity Painted Death, Face Of Melinda, April Ethereal, To Bid You Farewell, Reverie/Harlequin Forest, and a lot more.

    I've never seen them live, sadly. I do own the Lamentations DVD though. I would like to buy the Royal Albert Hall and The Roundhouse Tapes DVDs though. I have seen the Roundhouse DVD though, my brother has it. He is a huge Opeth fan and is who got me into them.
    I dunno, I've been meaning to edit that and replace transformers with Jacob's Ladder or something. Transformers is kinda okay but not great.
    Pulp Fiction, Clockwork Orange, Transformers, Big Lebowski

    Your top 4 movies are all great...aprt from transformers. seriously wtf?
    if you wanna cheat theres a good chance you'll see what the movie is by right clicking the pic and looking at properties. I try to post pics with my own reference to counteract this - but lets get the thread movin again - the answer is there for the current foreign film!
    Previously you participated in round robin tourneys for the season; If you still wished to participate you could. The list for Season 9 is due on Sunday so hope to get yours by then.
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