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  • nope. I actually only added that because i needed something to happen to Lenny. If you think you figure it out, PM me or something, cause i wanna see if you are right with your assumption
    hey, i was just wondering, i intentionally left a clue as to who kidnapped Duffman and... something similar, did you happen to catch the clue? {it's not as simple as i thought it would be}
    thanks i hope you enjoy them, so far Duffman is LOADS better then Skateboarding. I forgot i knew like nothing about skateboarding, so the last act is bad. But Duffman is fun
    hey man, when are you gonna add more fan guides?

    and could you read my scripts? i have all of Skateboarding done, and act 1 {almost 2} of Duffman LEss
    I like Ranjit, he's a funny character, glad they bring him back once in awhile. What's your opinion on Ted's almost marriage to Stella? I didn't really like the character Stella, but I liked the episodes with the New Jersey bashing, and where he tried to get her to like Star Wars.
    Did you see all of season 4 yet? I'm not sure because different places air things differently, so yeah. The Robin/Barney paring, will most likely be something I will enjoy. Some other favorite episodes I have are Swarley, How I met Everyone Else, and The Naked Man.
    Yeah, I've really gotten into it. My favorite character is Barney, and my favorite episode is The Slap Bet. What are yours?
    i wish to personally congratulate you on your episodes! you have some really awesome ideas!
    No just on my iPod touch, at the beach house. So I can't do much real typing but I have written some of my parts on a note pad.
    i replied to all u replied 2 in your thread, but it kinda didn't work... sorry
    of course! oh, and my season 12 will be up soon, will you please read it :)
    OK, cool. I really enjoy reading people's episodes ideas! i think that might be my new favorite forum {Itchy and scratchy studios} It's fun to see what kinds of ideas people have, and i hope you have some really good ones planned!
    OK. I don't like two Sideshow Bob Episodes in one season, that is like putting two clip shows in one season {at least to me}
    did you take out an episode and then have another? i remembered two sideshow Bob episodes the first time. Otherwise, read my comments ^_^
    sigh. i guess {nothing against you, i actually did, my my f-ing computer was dumb and i couldn't post, that's the reason i double post a lot.} but sure i will! {just hope my computer is actually, you know, good and capable of letting me post}
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