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  • Cool. I was hoping that people's knowledge of building Mario Maker levels, they would subconsciously not panic and think they're in the same room and make it ridiculously hard on themselves... The Thwomp is supposed to be more of a surprise than a real puzzle solution.

    When I was playing around with it, I discovered that you can have a pipe entrance and exit lead to the same place if you stack them. You could have Room A that connects to Room B, which is a dead-end. And then you can have the player go back into the Room B pipe to exit and end up in Room C. If there are two entrance/exit pipes on top of each other, the game will use the one you created first as the one that is active. So if you created the Room C <- Room B connection and then made the Room B <- Room A, it would flow A -> B and they can't get back to A, that B pipe leads to C. It's really finicky and annoying, though.
    Hey burnin', thanks for playing my new Asylum level in Super Mario Maker! I really appreciate it! What did you think of the twists and turns? I was trying to make it kind of mindscrew-y without being unfair, but it's hard to tell what the player will find frustrating or find surprising. Steve said he quit when he thought he was kicked back to the beginning.
    Hey, did it not let you join the online match last night? I wasn't sure if the guy I was playing wanted a third but ended up saying "OK" to the notification anyway, but then it just closed out and didn't add you.
    Huh, it could be that. I've noticed that often when I play with other people, I'll get a whole bunch of my picks in a row. Like, literally almost every stage I would pick sometimes. And I was usually the person who would just pick the same character every time and rush to the stage list, so that might be it.
    It might've just been me at the end... When I was ready to wrap things up with a few Yoshi rounds, I was picking Final Destination over and over again.
    Good games, Mr. Burnin'. I've been trying to learn Pikachu so it was fun to try him out against a human opponent.

    (Also, some of those Jigglypuff rests. OUCH.)
    happy birthday - I can't remember who you are because you changed your name, but still...happy birthday!
    the first full draft of act 1 of the 'siblings of questionable morals' is up, check the link posted on the group and any ideas for improvement that would lead it to be final drafts are welcome.
    It's definitely a great read for Batman fans, and it features easily one of the best Joker portrayals I've seen, plus some fantastic, definitive Batman/Joker interaction. You really should go for the newer print just to read it until you can get your hands on the old one. I think it'll be worth it. :)
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