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  • Hey there! Your videos are awesome, definitely going to do video reviews I do believe, you've inspired a gal. Thanks for checking out my blog, btw :)
    Happy holidays, buonanotte!

    Pretty sweet video. I am a fan of the Rigelians; Kang and Kodos are no exceptions. My favorite part is when Kang offers Marge a choice of the 'three most common places where humans procreate'. I own a Camaro, so I can guarantee that said location making this list is not in error.
    Well we're all pretty big Simpsons fans. Was an interesting little Q&A video you have there, seems to be part of a series. Might check the rest of em out sometime.

    Just out of curiosity, since I don't visit here very often anymore and all of my posts are months old at best what was it that led you to my profile?
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