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  • Well your name's already got it. You've robbed me of my clever schtick.
    hahaha no worries man. in fact i think it looks stellar. glasses and hat look way better than mine did, i just wore my regular "navins".

    also no uglies around that you have to ms paint the "in the aeroplane over the sea" woman's head over their faces.
    "well i'm sorry, crispy the clown has already been cast. but i will hire you for angry the clown, silly sailor, and dr clownius."

    "i won't let you down!
    well i might let you down on silly sailor"
    i'm hoping this will start a revolution

    also i watched wet hot american summer last night and you remind me of the kid who helps the arts&crafts instructor with her husband trouble. i guess that's a good thing, that kid can act
    i couldn't think of an image ode to your namesake, but if you added a d (harland)

    but michael emerson was! i think he's got a great shot this year. it's also nice to see the show get nominated for best drama series again, too.
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