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  • I must say in the grand scheme of things your avatar suits your boarding persona

    but as you already know... I switch persona's daily
    it was kind of scattered. reminded me of a hal ashby (or wes anderson) movie. joseph gordon levitt makes a nice cameo.

    it was interesting though, and rachel weisz was adorbable. B-
    hahahah. i see you watch tv boxsets the same way i do - marathon mode. i loved the way u-turn died though.

    what did you think of the zooey deschanel appearances? her character was probably my favorite in the series.

    unfortunately, i'm moving slow through season 4 - it's awesome, just haven't had much time.
    i always forget andy wasn't on the show from the very beginning. yeah, it really picks up when he joins the cast.

    hahah, that's a great quote. it's from season two, pretty early on. episode 4 or 5, maybe.

    season four is dominating my free time right now. :headbang:

    edit, apparently :headbang: doesn't work here.
    great show. did you start from the first season? if so, it starts a little slow but picks up in a hurry.

    i picked up season four this morning. i don't have showtime and i don't really like watching tv shows on my computer, so i have a lot of catching up to do. i'm surprised i made it through a year without reading any spoilers.
    Hahaha, if you find a Harlan Brøday, you must show me his profile as well.
    considering gg had seven seasons, i guess i could rule it out, plus the creator left the show for the last season. the other two i LITERALLY would have a real fucking stroke inducing thought about

    i'd choose home movies, to be honest with my soul i think, but it had a perfect conclusion and the creators don't have any desire to taint it, they also have their own projects

    pushing daisies was the first time i got giddy over a tv show in 5 years, the characters were ALL lovable, perfect and hilarious, and the world was devine and lush with beauty. the people involved don't have mush else coming up that can possibly reflect its brilliance, whilst the home movies makers are supposedly cooking up something i'll probably eat up. plus, there hasn't been ANY closure, and these are my favorite live action tv characters, save possibly the wire (and gg of course)

    so, real answer: pushing daisies i guess. brb suicide
    that'd be quite an undertaking. i have five large boxes stuffed with records that i'd have to pull out and lay out on a flat surface somewhere. after work tomorrow afternoon, when i'm setting my record player up for pc ripping, maybe i'll give it a go...
    i mean holy shit, the radio station this is super cool. thanks dude i'm gonna have some awesome musical life due to this...
    nope, you got me to catch my attention to it. i'm downloading it right now...

    if they give me any recommendations, am i supposed to take it?
    thanks. what kind of music should i expect when i listen to them? i have a feeling it's going to be like, bright rock
    Thanks for welcoming me into the friends list gallery
    you seem to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the board. seriously do you spend a lot of your free time reading through old posts because you seem to dig up a ridiculous amount of stuff you've remembered. I approve of this.
    could post my ever changing avatars: maybe she might be into black men. yeah.
    yeah, just trying to do a little bit more to solve that ol' internet addiction thing. also i saw that on the was fucking hilarious.
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