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  • i actually suggested to stuart a song title and not only did they not use it but i cant even remember what it was. "too raging to cheers" is great

    and yeah i think they start doing whole albums in one particular style rather than continue to do the grab-bag shit they've done for the last two
    feels like it came out ages ago for some reason. people seem to have it as the-hawk-is-howling-except-good which is fair enough i guess, but its still only the-hawk-is-howling-except-good, still sort of tainted by the indecision of age. too raging to cheers and mexican grand prix are great. george square etc is amazing. i thought death rays was the best thing they'd ever done for a couple of days. but letters to the metro is the first melancholy mogwai song i dislike (which is kind of a big deal as i cant really imagine existing without melancholy mogwai songs)

    might do a review of it for youknowwhat if i can think of a good joke to base a review around
    i keep forgetting to check that thread, but i'm definitely in. let me know what you need me to do, because i'm very excited about this. it's depressing how few movies i've watched over the last year or so ... i'm ready to get back in film nerd mode.
    been a while since i gave axe to fall a listen but it's a good one. i really like all the albums they've done since jane doe. you fail me is the best, probably.
    alright, so i'm no expert but i like

    napalm death - scum
    the dillinger escape plan - calculating infinity
    amebix - arise
    absurd - facta loquuntur

    there's a couple albums more on the black metal side that might fit but i think you should probably check these out first. that dillinger escape plan is probably the easiest to get into, especially if you like converge.
    i was just looking at my profile and i realised i completely forgot to reply to your message of like a month ago. sorry about that!

    you listened to converge yet? jane doe is definitely my favourite album of the kind of stuff you're looking for.

    maybe napalm death's first record, scum. maybe that one is too metal and not enough -core. the first half may be anyway... it's basically two demos stuck together so the two halves sound very different. it's one of my faves for sure.
    my family's gonna be there. don't worry i wasn't planning on putting you in an awkward situation which consequently would be an awkward situation for me.
    hmm. i think the best place to start w/ those bands would probably be w/ no trends teen love ep, drunks with guns alter human industrial fetishisms 7'' & the unsane s/t lp. snake apartment only have one lp. kilslug have a bunch of eps / singles but maybe start w/ their answer the call lp first. nevermind is clockcleaners best record. i cant really remember much about sightings and yknow what theyre not that good anyway so maybe forget them
    yeah of course! no trend, drunks with guns, unsane, kilslug, sightings, clockcleaner & snake apartment all have a similar grotty noise rock vibe to yow & co. or i think so anyway. let me know if you like / hate any of these & ill try and think of some more recs for yooz if you like
    Many cheers my good man... Have a great holiday, brody!

    dear brody,

    you get the best young member award. i still can't believe you're only sixteen. keep boarding and keep being yourself.

    sincerely, santamac
    ive heard songs about leaving. morbid as hell, but pretty good
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