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    eyyybody know im a motherfuckin monsta
    i stood next to him at mt. goats and bloodhound gang shows
    its moving slowly am i wrong?

    i just wanted to remind you that we are best friends
    because look how much you <3 me
    son you should just get a 1tb extrnl hd

    i've actually got two. one for backing up my shit once a month. i really dont wanna risk losing my music itd be much harder than simply making a thread asking for help ala sean

    ps seeing warpaint in feb. seeing best coast twice in march. i prefer old best coast though but yknow
    ironically its the first thread i check when i get on here
    brent i'm disappointed that i haven't heard from you about your visit here. was once enough for WHAT WE HAD
    man warpaint haven't played shadows live yet

    don't know whats stopping them
    i'm alright

    just been busy stomping on kids to improve my self worth and refining my alcoholism by drinking exclusively out of beer hats and in public
    ohh, sorry, man. these notifications are so tiny now, they're hard to notice right away.

    funny, i was just telling emerald that you and me and amanda should go check out a movie sometime or something. we've been meaning to see both "it's kind of a funny story" and "waiting for superman." what else is out?

    ohh, i also have some AMC coupons for $7.50 tickets that i'm trying to use up before they expire at the end of december.
    i like it

    and cool, man. i wish i had a car. not having one makes doing, you know, anything pretty tough. i'll have to check for shows. the only one i know of is the thermals but that's in like two weeks or so
    ive always had the board bookmarked in the off topic sub section but now since music and ot are seperate i bookmarked the harmonium so i could see music threads/pineapple. but that means i now have no choice but to phase ot out of my boarding cycle

    its been real
    i remember seeing interviews prior to him playing the new songs live and he was insisting that he took a completely different approach to these new songs

    and then he debuted them live and it was the same style as person pitch just with a guitar at times.. great songs tho
    'you can count on me' is the fucking SHIT
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