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  • yea that sucked. christopher was probably the most sympathetic character in the show, more so than tony even. i expected him to die, but certainly not the way he did. it was like my uncle killing my brother or something. speaking of which, what a psycho my uncle bob was. thankfully he's in a better place now (the kitchen. he's a great cook.)

    anyway, season two's the best. and the wire is still better. probably a lot better actually.
    wow this is great

    cant wait

    whens it out
    we do love Omar. I like a lot of the characters. If my friend gives up I'll still watch all of it.

    Funny I say the same thing about Sopranos -- it re-trains your brain to watch the show on it's own terms, not what is normally expected of television.

    But am I dumb or is The Wire this hard to follow for most people?
    Watched 3 episodes of The Wire last night, finishing with "The Cost." Pretty good though the show still confuses me (I swear I don't know what a 3rd of the conversations are about, and I'm terrible at memorizing all the names of characters that are off screen but being talked about)....It's a good show but so far we're not huge into it. My friend is really losing interest.

    seen any good shows l8ly
    hey, it's the same thing i tell people about Angel (every season it reinvents itself as a new show)

    me and my friend watched all of Sopranos together so it's become kind of a sentimental thing for me, watching all the big dense HBO dramas together. Don't worry i'll force him to marathon some Wire soon, maybe next week.
    haven't watched any Wire since "One Arrest" still...I called my friend Tuesday night and he didn't want to.

    Holy fuck those last batch of Sopranos episodes are incredible. They are all like dense epilogues to the series.
    haha no not really

    i liked used to like turn it up ****** but ehhh not my thing anymore
    nah, you're just fine bro. I'm still a jazz fan, but can't say I'm thrilled about this latest turn of events.
    yes!!!!!! best show ive ever seen i know its probably expected that i say that but its true. worth the wait

    pretty small venue, ive never stood that close to a stage before. pretty intense

    only letdown they didnt play shadows
    Out in Pilsen, 21st and Damen. You should come by some time, it's like a 10 minute Pink line ride out of the loop. And I have the Wire season 2 on DVD sweeeeeet.
    We're still watching it, up to episode 8 or 9. Watched last night even, "One Arrest"

    I am scared of spoilers so I am reluctant to post a lot in the Wire thread
    i leave for warpaint in a few hours

    i think my head is gonna explode

    esp if they play shadows
    love this new style she has found. cant wait
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