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    please change my username to homer
    please refrain from using sarcasm. Thank you.
    Attention: I have Asperger Syndrome, please pay attention to me.
    change yr usyername to badboy bart
    where did you find that pic and why is it your av?

    jw cause that's a pic of me...
    no prob. i've learned that it's really tough to please everyone, but it's the best i could do

    unfortunately i could've done this several months ago but i had no idea it was an option
    Update: I think we have 5 episodes left of season 2. I actually am enjoying season 2 a lot, but I'm still not in love with the show. There have been some great sequences though and I especially love all of the drug/jail related things. And D just got killed in jail, which was tremendously depressing. In fact we didn't think he was dead for about a week until we got to the funeral in the next episode. All that was good and I appreciate how complex and ambitious the show is (does every character get like 5 lines per episode? Because there are so many characters battling for screen time? Must have been the easiest job in the world for an actor, like one day of work.)

    BUT YEAH...I have really good feelings I'll like the show more and more...but I'm still wondering how there's any debate between this and Sopranos in the great TV war
    i dont know what that means but o k
    i think its time for an av change hoss youve had that for long enuff
    warpaint are coming back here in july

    finally gonna meet sideshowtim there
    i do

    do u like teebs i just saw him last night. it was alright i had been standing up for 5 hours before he even came on so thats probably why i didnt enjoy it as much

    his music itself is really awesome though
    Ah. That's cool just seems like something is lost since the drug story this season isn't like this compelling cat and mouse story. It's just unrelated so I don't find it as...tense? Or...relevant to what the cops are going through? I've only seen 2 episodes though.
    cont'd ...

    Also it's just fucking intimidating how many characters there are. Everyone from last season (A LOT OF CHARACTERS) plus a whole new boatload (pun intended)...I mean each episode only has 1 to 3 scenes each with every character, because there are too many to fit in. It makes things feel like they are moving very slow.
    Watched season 2 episode 2. back on board. it was just...better? a lot more potential for the season, more clear, more interesting. That first episode had some awkward bad acting moments (the fat guy joking around with McNulty then getting all dramatic "...THAT'S SOMETHING YOU NEVER FIGURED OUT." ... that was...really bad.) Anyway, that Ziggy douchebag was barely in episode 2, and it just felt better. So yeah I'm more excited about the season.

    I have one potential criticism though, and feel free to ease my mind about this: I'm not sure why we're still following the drugdealers from season 1, aside from catching up with their story. Because season 1 was all about the back and forth between both sides of the investigation. But in season 2 so far, they're just there, and there's nothing at all to do with them in the main story on the cops side. Am I missing something? It doesn't seem as eloquently told as season 1.
    cincos cool.

    josh has me, so does tim and gheorghe. find and add me hoss.. whats the sudden attraction to facebook???

    i put gheorghes fbook accessabilities on lockdown for fun.
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