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  • thats what you think

    you don't know what i do on the side

    my clients consider me very super.
    ohh, don't worry, when you meet board people it's really easy to get into the swing of things.
    hahahaha, dude, that's fucking hilarious! good work.

    i think i may have commented once that due to your shy/reserved appearance in your photos i just couldn't picture you cracking jokes with the same fervor as you do on the board. but clearly i was wrong!
    Hey, can you help me out with something? I am trying to find my friend rollotomasi77 but he is nowhere to be found. Can you spread the word around?
    i would love to meet president obama. even if it's right before i'm sentenced to death. he is, afterall, a nobel peace prize winner
    that sounds like something you should get checked out soon.

    just showing you that i care.
    dearest jorge,

    i don't know if your balls can outball my balls. ya dig?

    it's ok, i don't either.

    thank you for giving me the opportunity to call you jorge.

    also - i will bring you down soon.
    b.mac, my all purpose funny man and compatriot... have a funktabulous new year

    much love and respect and all that,

    santamac i could spoon you (i call big spoon!)

    i should call you soon at an ungodly hour. actually i'd call you more like in the past but i kept going over my minutes by hours (which, since i know your math skills, = a lot of minutes) when we phoned more frequently, back in the old days. minutewhore
    Dear Santa Bmac, I think it's really cool that you sent nice messages to everyone!
    You make me laugh, and you are fun to talk to. If you ever come to NYC, we will definitely hang!
    dear bmac,

    you're one of my favorite members here. hilarious and upbeat yet also down to earth. my real name is brad wells and you should be able to find me on facebook (we got a few friends in common i'm assuming!)
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