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    What would you make the last line of The Simpsons be?

    Homer will say "It's Simpin Time!" and Simp everyone
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    Being a simpsons fan in 2022

    As with horror, I would argue it's actually picking up some fandom momentum. Take Pinterest for example. A few years back, the most you would find in terms of Simpsons-related pins were memes, screenshots and the occasional fanart. Nowadays, you almost always bump into lots of fanart from artist...
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    Now that kiwifarms is gone, how long do you think nohomers has?

    Sounds pretty fucked. Kiwis, bird or fruit, should never be associated with transphobia
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    Rosebud ending

    That's a good question.
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    The Simpsons is a good show but it's not (usually) funny!

    I agree with OSS here. Part of what makes the Simpsons such a legendary show is its ability to blend comedy and drama. Mother Simpson, Lisa's Substitute and One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish are good examples of this.
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    Lisa Simpson was (literally) a bad girl in the shorts from The Tracey Ullman Show

    Ah I remember when I held Lisa on a Never Can Do Wrong pedestal. Bad time. Bad times. Don't get me wrong, she still is one of my favorite characters, I've just come to accept that sometimes she can be a jerk like everyone else. (That one scene in Apocalypse Cow comes to mind.) But hey, no one's...
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    Anime characters that are the most like the Simpsons?

    Homer: Omeada Marechiyo from Bleach and as far as eating is concerned, Goku and Luffy Marge: Trisha Elric, Carla Yeager and pretty much every dead anime mom. Bart: Earlier Naruto and Black Star. And sure Akira why not? Lisa: Maka Albarn from Soul Eater for the book smarts and Tomoko Kuroki for...
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    Happy day of birth!

    Happy day of birth!
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    Rate the avatar of the above person

    5/10: Don't know what to think about it.