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  • yeah, they do, but they're all dubbed and I can't stand watching TV where the characters speak german. But I get ITV and the BBC, at least those channels sometimes air american shows in english.

    I just wish you'd be a bit nicer.
    Great show. Right now i'm watching the office (the us version). But the shitty thing is that I HAVE to watch them on the computer because I downloaded it via torrent, so watching in on TV without computer is not even an option.
    That's why i watch more comedies than dramas, because if i'm watching a comedy show, i don't really have to pay attention to know what's going on, but if i'm boarding while watch a drama, i get lost within the first 5 minutes.
    that's pretty much what i would do too. do you often boar while watching something? I for one can't watch something on my computer without wanting to do some shit here.
    pretty good. i've been playing call of duty for about 5 hours now and my eyes are starting to hurt.
    anyway, what have you been up to?
    Oh yeah, that little thing.
    But those are your own words, Doom.
    It's not like I twisted them in something else.
    What did I tell them?
    They reacted spontaneously on your flame-post on my profile-page.
    I just told them the reason you did it.
    If you want to discuss something in private, use PMs, than nobody else sees it.
    And I didn't make a huge point about it, the biggest part of the day, I was talking about what happened to hammster.
    Is it none of my business when you mention me in the first post of your thread?
    Grow up, Doom.

    And stop with kneeling in front of O/Ters.

    By the way, do you think they are gonna accept you sooner if you give their insults at my address a thumbs up?

    And when I look at the visitor message beneath me, it's obvious I'm not the only one who is annoyed by your behaviour.

    Think about it, Doom.
    Haha I think it's pretty tongue in cheek. Though I do agree with a couple of the rules, like the one about calling Link Zelda.
    spelling Ganon "Gannon" = Gannon-Ban
    calling Link Zelda = Gannon-Ban
    calling Zelda II, "The AdventureS of Link" = Gannon-Ban
    yeah, he already has. the pile of shit that is the posting robot thread was originally an actual robot thread. and now...
    And Animal is never in Thermonuclear, so i have no idea what the fuck he was doing, anyway.
    yeah, it kinda was their fault. the problem is that there was no real lounge, so they just recycled your thread. i thought i could open a lounge and reopen a REAL sscr thread. turns out it's not that easy
    the current version was so missing the point of the whole thread. i loved the days when you could just go there and post some random shit like "I think the peanuts are gay" and just watch what happens. that was cool.
    by the way, i wanted to thank you for helping closing the random thread down. i wanted to open a real lounge, but it kinda backfired and now theres shit all over the place...
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