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  • macas, oh.. it's allright, the counter is really boring, drive through as well, but a couple of my friends work there as well so it's not that bad, every now and then when I get the night shift it's awesome.
    hell yeah, as soon as I turn 16 I think I'm gonna apply at the local cinema :headbang:
    nice maybe I should quit my job at macdonalds and just go around assembling ikea stuff for people
    screw that, I had to help assemble a couple of cupboards from ikea the other day, I'd rather them just deliver it fully made
    hey doom, see that gun over there could you please aim it at me and pull the trigger... in other words im really tired, lol
    Very true. I traded some of my older Wii games I hadn't played since launch when I bought SMG2 and Red Dead Redemption. Every little bit helps!
    Meh.... they won't give much for Rabbids or Excite Truck, maybe $5 each? Scribblenauts might bring $10 or so. Don't even bother trading Wii Play, they have 5 billion copies of it and only give $1 I think.
    Where at, GameStop? Yeah it really depends on how recent the games are, and how big of a name it is. Anything made by Nintendo should carry a decent value. If you're going to GS it's too bad you didn't do it sooner because they did a trade-in promotion for SMG2. Only for certain games though.
    Either way, you're going to get raped, but for MG2 it'll be worth it. I would call first to get trade-in values though. They get calls like that ALLLLLL the time so it won't bother them.
    there are many phases to board memes. original humor, popular use, overuse, self-awarely obnoxious overuse.

    it's also just happens to be the board's best smilie
    Well it seems like the days of 'noiseland' are over so in a way you eventually got what you wanted. Honestly it's just easier this way.

    I'll even go so far as to admit that for the most part you're right, there was no point to the posting in that thread/board so I understand why the mods eventually did what they did.
    Dude I tried to do that two months ago if you look back earlier in the conversation log. Late March, actually.

    I'm fine with letting bygones be bygones, the world has enough hate already
    stupid TV Guide keeps fucking me, so i've decided not to look at any entertainment magazines, and i sure as hell aren't gonna look at those huge grey cubes in the LOST tread
    VII, VIII, IX, and X are largely the same in gameplay, just progressively prettier and of course the stories are completely different. VII is great but the graphics are laughable now, VIII is amazing and epic by comparison but the story and characters are a let down. IX is all about nostalgia towards the NES/SNES games. X is when the series gets voice acting for the first time but also holds your hand through the whole game as if no one had ever heard of the series before. Still a good experience to me, however. XII and/or XIII can come much, much later because both are very different in how they treat the gameplay. And because of that, I wouldn't say to start with them as it doesn't give a very good idea of what the other games did.
    I always start from the beginning. And it's fine to do that if you don't mind going back to the days of NES (you don't have to literally, but it's the feeling you should expect even if you nabbed a copy of Dawn of Souls on GBA or Origins on PS1). It was very slow turn-based fighting for the first 6 games. It was still turn based for the rest but it gets progressively faster with each game with new little systems put in place to freshen it up.

    I would say try to start with I or II just to do it and get a feel for what the series has to offer. And if you find you aren't into it, I would move on quickly to IV and/or VI, both of which are two that should never be skipped (for story, gameplay, music, they're like hallmarks). Then move on to VII - X in whatever order (but usually IN order is better).
    i constantly used "I'm smarter than you" in elementary, but i got beat up a lot, so it really isn't the way to go to insult someone who he knows is a billion times better at insulting than he is. Maybe he's just not smart enough to realize it.
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