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  • it's from a Japanese cartoon series called Doraemon. i used to read the comic books years ago and lately, i've been revisiting my love for the series and i'm so into it again now haha
    i don't even really dislike The Lord of the Rings; i just find the fanboy impulse to lather it with superlatives tiresome, because it doesn't deserve them. i don't judge films by their popularity or their being mainstream or whatever.
    Haha cool, your usertitle matches your av now.
    Yeah I mean a no items/Final Destination battle is cool and all if you both want a completely fair fight, but it just gets boring after a while. Items just simply make the game more fun. OK I typed this VM like a post, but whatever, haha.
    You mean as far as having them or not having them? I prefer having them, it mixes things up more and makes it more fun.
    I like the items in Brawl, I think they added in a lot of great new ones. Smart Bomb, Assist Trophy, Super Spicy Curry -- all great items. I also love how the Beam Sword sounds. I could swing that motherfucker around for hours.
    Thanks, I'll probably get Mario Galaxy 2 and Lego Harry Potter then. I figured I needed some new games to play since I only play Super Smash Bros. Brawl (because of the online play) often.
    Hey Doom do you have any wii game recommendations? I think I need to buy a new game for my wii, and I figured you'd know a good one, since you're big on Nintendo.

    Also, Congrats on 5,000 posts.
    Are you afraid of heights? If not you should climb the harbour bridge, I did it a couple of months, it was pretty cool.
    Yeah Sydney's pretty good... I probably prefer it during the summer, it's got a real nice atmosphere all year round though.
    yeah, finally, I think Joe Miller's stopped posting there, haha..

    hey I noticed you're coming up on you're 5000th post, are you gonna make a thread?
    Man, I remember back when The Simpsons Movie was coming out, I was so excited...
    When I think about it, it was a was pretty mediocre movie
    Yeah.. O/Ters post pretty hard, it's pretty apparent they post harder than most GDers now that the springfield downs areas don't count, notice Joe Miller's post count has been barely going up lately...
    amen to getting a car...

    you know I just realised we joined around the same time, but our postcounts are so different... :(
    hey, doom, sorry to hear about your job, bro
    schools just been let out here a couple of days ago, i'm really bored
    Oh, thanks. I've seen all of the films now. I'm not fond of the first one, but the last two are rather good.
    Haha, thanks man! But it's only for a couple of weeks, it was a prize in the fundraiser. But one day maybe!
    That's because by default we don't leave any evidence so no one would know unless they saw it in action. But for regular members, after 5 minutes or so, they leave an edit time stamp.
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