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  • I'll be gone on a short vacay until the 26th, but I won't be absent for months like last time
    Yeah Im practically getting into Flash animation.
    Ive made a Art Body of work Animation For my High School certifate.
    Im going to start studing it. You'll have to show me something you've done.
    I accept...kissy-kissy.

    TYRANT T. TABBY: Nose kissies and tongue licks!

    SBBED .D: Canada take me away...NOW!!!

    TYRANT T. TABBY: Bring me back something GOOD!
    Just wanted to let you know that I have recieved and accepted your friend request-SBBED .D
    I got all the characters and stages and alot of trophys and stickers but I haven't gotten everything. You have got to be crazy insane good to get everything, did you get everything?
    Well, personally, I don't like Pixar very much, but I was using "Wall-E" as an example of a modern great Disney movie--Pixar or otherwise.
    Oh, what I was saying was that "Bolt" looks like a major step back into mediocrity for Disney, which is especially sad since they've proven they can make great movies again, such as "Wall-E".
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