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  • I thought it was profound! Showing that internet friendships/acquaintances are clearly good for something, if meeting a variety of people of different ages and backgrounds affects your perspective on your situation IRL.
    hmm gonna say it definitely necessary, or at least as necessary as anything else on this board.

    roll w the punches mang
    it's cool, i just want to emphasize not anyone and everyone can use it. you aren't on my shit list so eh.

    just don't over do it and make it lose it's meaning. that' includes everyone tho, even me
    it's actually on another chrome window with all the photos waiting to be placed

    I started it on one point of the week then I got a sinus cold which I'm still suffering, which makes me inherently lazier than usual. I'll be posting it sometime in the mornin
    I've had The Cat Empire, Jackson Jackson and now True Live in the showdown. I listen to a lot of jazzy stuff, especially while working, and Melbourne has a great scene for that. Enjoyed some of the Australian hip hop as well. I occassionally stream Triple J, cause they'll have programs that are great for discovering weird music from all over the world.

    Some fun live acts I saw last year were Pierce Brothers & Tom Thum.

    Got any recommendations, or are you keeping them all a secret until the summer showdown?
    I'm going to rewrite some of it

    but it's finally happening

    the universal trip report

    five months in the making
    thanks for the fr and the friendly usernote. and don't worry, you've improved a lot from where you were a while back. remember when you got those australian fucks to come onto the board? yeah, remember how you were kind of like a rookie at that time? now you know the board and have integrated yourself with it and the users nicely. there's still room for improvement (as there is for everyone, including me), but great job nonetheless.
    sorry, i only just saw your other vm when i got this one. cool dude. how were they live?
    we can definitely arrange something with that time zone. i can go on any time in the next several hours, though i imagine you're asleep now? I'm not sure, haha.
    Oh, I hope to Christ they record this gig. Was gonna ask if you were in the front row but holy shit, you must let me know whatever he throws at you. One of my sister's friends went to see him and he tore into her too. Wish I could remember what was said.
    Ohh, you lucky bastard! Yeah, I'm a fan, have been for years ever since I first got into "8 Out of 10 Cats". I've never seen a comic live though. Be sure to let me know how it goes.
    good 2 see the sports gif continue to bring joy to the people. third time using it and i feel as though it wont be the last
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