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  • The music thread is a complete mess, people either talk over each other or fight about bullshit (like the goddamn tiresome Queen debate), but when it comes to the crush thread, we've given you a lot of support and helped you with advice when you've been broken down. Sure you didn't get a response every time, but I didn't either. Sometimes people can't think of what to respond, or they are so worried over stuff themselves that they don't have room to think about others.

    Oh, and ignore comeau. He acts like a real weirdo sometimes, but I'm sure he didn't mean anything nasty by heart.
    nothing has been scheduled but i'd be into doing one this week provided we can corral a decent amount of people at a good time. if one is designated ill let u know
    i can't say much in that regard tbh. they're kinda like more mainstream pavement
    [5:27 PM] kaos: tell bias to listen to blue before white
    [5:28 PM] kaos: White literally hinges on the band history
    i was saying i think it's all right, but most fans don't like it. you might? not sure.
    my favorite is certainly pinkerton, their most emotionally-charged and meaningful album for sure. blue is a close second. the band was in their top form from 1994-1996. they split up after pinkerton didn't sell very well and didn't get back together & release green until 2001.
    they were notorious for their poor reception by both fans and the public in general. they're not very good. raditude especially is heinous. horrible bland generic album. i probably should've asterisked make believe too, but i guess i let personal bias get in the way of that one. i don't think it's that bad, and it's definitely their most successful album commercially, but fans usually hate it. weezer was suckin for a long time, but these last two albums (this new one especially) are real good

    i guess i'll just order em all here for ya!

    blue album
    green album
    make believe
    red album *
    raditude *
    hurley *
    everything will be alright in the end
    white album

    * = you don't need to listen to these ones
    ween, brian wilson, animal collective, caribou, ty segall, flying lotus, onehtrix point never, boris, etc. HELL of a lineup imo, tho yes ween was the impetus naturally
    thanks. im pre good, no complaints atm, same old same old yknow.

    MIGHT go to levitation fest in texas this april/may tho so that could be awesome
    Double J actually had a pretty cool Cat Empire special yesterday. They also played their Like a Version of Hotel California. But you haven't fully experienced them until you've seen them live. Nothing more fun then when they start jamming in the middle of a song. I mean, (or around the 38 minute mark)

    I'll go check those bands out when I get the chance. If you're into reggae-ish stuff, there's a German band called Seeed that's surprisingly good.
    Think some of us are actually getting something out of helping people. It's probably not entirely selfless. ;) Personally I need the reassurance that I've made a difference to keep me going.
    Why thank you! I don't think I'm all that great, obviously, but if there's anything good it'll be because of the people I've known online.
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